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Authors - 

Jaimie Admans

    Books: Creepy Christmas    Afterlife Academy    Not Pretty Enough    Kismetology    North Pole Reform School

Claire Alexander

    Books: Meredith Alone

Tom Anderson

    Books: Return to the Sun

Laurence Anholt

    Books: My Freaky Family: Poetic Polly

Mark Anson

    Books: Below Mercury     Acid Sky     Torino Nine

Nicole Asselin

    Books: Murder at First Pitch: Ball Park Mysteries: Book 1    Concession Stand Crimes: The Ballpark Mysteries Book 2

Laura M Austin

    Books: The General's Wrath and Other Short Stories    Umbra Daemonium: And Other Short Stories    Dusty Roses: An Eclectic Collection

Barbara Avon

    Books: Love Still Bites

Reviewers - 

Rose Auburn

Barbara Avon


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Authors - 

Jackson Paul Baer

    Books: The Earth Bleeds Red

Vicky Ball

    Books: Powerless

A.E. Bennett

    Books: Yours and Mine: A Serrulata Saga Romance Novella (The Serrulata Saga)

M.A. Bennett

    Books: The Ship of Doom (The Butterfly Club)

Jim Benton

    Books: Dear Dumb Diary: Am I the Princess or the Frog?    Dear Dumb Diary: Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Adam T Best

    Books: Iron Bones: Infection

Stewart Bint

    Books: Thunderlands

Paige Briscoe

    Books: The Way She Surfs    Devil's Lettuce

Thomas Grant Bruso

    Books: Prayers for the Undead

Susan Buchanan

    Books: The Christmas Spirit

Robert Burns

    Books: Walking on Thin Ice

Daniel Burton

    Books: Heartbound - Friendship Never Dies

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C - 

Authors - 

Jen Calonita

    Books: Go The Distance

Louise Candlish

    Books: The Skylight

Nat Chelloni

    Books: A Favor For A Favor

Richard Chizmar

    Books: Gwendy's Magic Feather

T.L. Coughlin

    Books: Of Us And Them

Lynette Creswell

    Books: Hoglets' Birthday Surprise

Jack Croxall

    Books: Tethers    Unwoven    Torn    X    Wye    Anchor Leg

Rebecca Crunden

    Books: Dust & Lightning    The Man And The Crow

J.D. Cunegan

    Books: Bounty (Jill Anderson series book 1)

Reviewers - 

Ceri from Read and Review It

D - 

Authors - 

Andy Darby

    Books: Me And The Monkey (Chronicles of The Monkey God Book 1)    The Paddington Incident    Me And The Monkey (Chronicles of The Monkey God Book 2)

Megan Derr

    Books: The Eastern Gate

Kit de Waal

    Books: Six Foot Six

A.A. Dhand

    Books: Darkness Rising

Jeff Dixon

    Books: The Key to the Kingdom    Unlocking the Kingdom

L.A. Dragoni

    Books: Ghost Touch    Guardian's Touch    Again, For Love

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E - 

Authors - 

Roxy Eloise

    Books: The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis

Reviewers - 

F - 

Authors - 

Simon Farnaby

    Books: The Wizard & Me: More Misadventures Of Bubbles the Guinea Pig

NS Ford

    Books: We Watch You    They Lie Here    

Maria Frankland

    Books: The Hen Party    Hit and Run

Andrew S. French

    Books: Dead Souls

Steve Frogley

    Books: The Path of Good Response

Nicolette Fuller

    Books: I Need Dis...No The F' You Don't

VB Furlong

    Books: What Happened to Coco

Reviewers - 

G - 

Authors - 

Christine Gabriel

    Books: Crimson Forest    Crimson Moon

Bailey Gee

    Books: Linear

Nathan Dylan Goodwin

    Books: The Asylum

Jasmine M. Gorton

    Books: Escape Reality: Short Stories

Nino Gugunishvili

    Books: You Will Have A Black Labrador    From My Balcony To Yours

Reviewers - 

Harper Grey

H - 

Authors - 

Sean Hammer

    Books: Cornbread    Happy Birthday, Cumberland Bixby

Bradley Harper

    Books: Gallery Of Death

Paula Hawkins

    Books: Blind Spot

Liz Hedgecock

    Books: Every Trick in the Book (The Magical Bookshop book 1)

Anthony Horowitz

    Books: Raven's Gate (Book One of The Power of Five)

Dave Housley

    Books: This Darkness Got to Give

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Reviewers - 

J - 

Authors - 

Gillian Jackson

    Books: Snatched    The Victim

Sharna Jackson

    Books: Peak Peril (A High-Rise Mystery)

Eric Johnson

    Books: Kiss Me Kislovodsk    What Do You Mean I Can't Stay For Dinner?

Ginnine Josete

    Books: Living With Chickens

Reviewers - 

Ginnine Josete


K - 

Authors - 

Ophelia Kee

    Books: Dragonesque: Eyrie Iolair

Muhammad Khan

    Books: Split

Will Knight

    Books: The Bear's Last Word (On The Matter)

Lucy Knott

    Books: One Snowy Week in Springhollow    Love Lessons in Starcross Valley

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L - 

Authors - 

Hermione Laake

    Books: The Silver Ragusaurus

Morton R Leader

    Books: Demons are Forever    History is a Lie    More Than You Can Chew

Stephen Leather

    Books: Inspector Zhang and the Dead Island    Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish

Inspector Zhang Goes to Harrogate    Inspector Zhang and the Dead Thai Gangster    Inspector Zhang and the Disappearing Drugs

Inspector Zhang and the Perfect Alibi    Inspector Zhang and the Falling Woman

Still Bleeding    Cursed

Amy Lee

    Books: Fate and Resolve

Georgina Lees

    Books: After The Party

Chrissy Lessey

    Books: The Secret Keepers    The Coven    The Hunted    The Beacon

Kal Locksley

    Books: Snake Charm of the Oracle    The Tailor's Apprentice - Simon and the Seven Monsters

Peter Lovesey

    Books: Invitation to a Dynamite Party

Nicola Lowe

    Books: The Missed Kiss    To Kiss You Again    The Christmas Kiss    Liar    

Reviewers - 

M - 

Authors - 

Laura Marshall

    Books: My Husbands Killer    

Holly Martin

    Books: The Sentinel    The Prophecies    The Revenge    The Reckoning    

The Cottage on Sunshine Beach

Pete May

    Books: What Are Words Worth?: Diary of a Midlist Writer Misfiring in the Gig Economy

Derek McFadden

    Books: What Death Taught Terrence

Sophie McKenzie

    Books: Boy Missing

Lucy A. McLaren

    Books: Awakening (Commune's Curse book 1)

Terry Melia

    Books: Tales From The Greenhills

James Melzer

    Books: Ouija    Now I Lay You Down

Jeff Messick

    Books: Magehunter

Jan Miklaszewicz

    Books: The Promise

Brandon Morehouse

    Books: New Age Gods - Discovery

Catherine Morrison

    Books: Recovering Alice

Bob Mortimer

    Books: And Away...

Reviewers - 

N - 

Authors - 

Joanne Nadin

    Books: The Worst Class in the World in Danger!

Graham Norton

    Books: The Swimmer

Sal Nudo

    Books: Far From Mars: Nine Creative Nonfiction Stories Featuring People and Places in Champaign-Urbana

Reviewers - 

O - 

Authors - 

Zoe-Lee O'Farrell

    Books: Ouija

Paul O'Grady

    Books: Eddie Albert And The Amazing Animal Gang: The Amsterdam Adventure

Gemma Owen-Kendall

    Books: Innocent Times

Reviewers - 

P - 

Authors - 

Dascha Paylor

    Books: Chameleon

Jessica Piro

    Books: It's the Small Things That Matter

Cole Poindexter

    Books: Inherit    Rush

Esha Prakash

    Books: LOVE PEACE JOY LIGHT: Celebrating the Journey Called Life!

Helen Pugh

    Books: Mama Chira: How to Negotiate With An Emperor    The Pink Dolphins of The Amazon    Andean Storm/Contarhuacho/Mama Sarpay    

Reviewers - 

Helen Pugh

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Authors - 

Reviewers - 

R - 

Authors - 

Caroline Rebisz

    Books: A Costly Affair

Michael Redhill

    Books: Bellevue Square

Kitty Reece

    Books: Starved for Touch With Dark Edges

S.M. Revolinski

    Books: A Good Man    A Good Woman    A Mountain Man    A Settler

Deek Rhew

    Books: Birth of an American Gigolo    122 Rules    122 Rules - Redemption

The Extractor - Rise of Osiris    The Injector - Escape from Torpor

The Recollector - After the Fall    The Recollector - Rogue Mission

Erin Rhew

    Books: The Prophecy    The Outlanders    The Fulfillment    

The Transhuman Project

Rune Rivers:

    Books: Soul of Lucifer: Lost

Jo Robinson

    Books: The Visitation    Fly Birdie    African Me & Satellite TV

Adele Rose

    Books: Awakening    

E.J. Rose

    Books: Twinkle Moon's The Magic Door

Reviewers - 

S. Radebach


Caroline Rebisz

S - 

Authors - 

Sharon Sant

    Books: The Memory Game    Dead Girl Walking    Storm Child    Runners

Sky Song    The Young Moon    Not of Our Sky    The Jackie Chan Fan Club

Jule Selbo

    Books: 10 Days    9 Days

Sheila Sellinger

    Books: Jessie's Life Song

Nadia Shireen

    Books: Welcome to Grimwood: Five Freakishly Funny Fables    Grimwood

Jools Sinclair

    Books: Forty Four    Forty Four book 2    Forty Four book 3    Forty Four book 4

Forty Four book 5    Forty Four book 6    Forty Four book 7    Forty Four book 8

Forty Four book 9    Forty Four book 10    Forty Four book 11    

Forty Four book 12    Forty Four book 13    The Road Not Taken

Girl on the Ghost Train    Chasing the Ghost    Whiskey Rain    Wrong as Rain

Ben Bailey Smith

    Books: The Last Word    Something I Said

Rosalie Spencer

    Books: Silver Moon Rising: An Omega Wolf Novel

John Steinbeck

    Books: The Vigilante

C.M. Stolworthy

    Books: Winter's Deception

Kai Strand

    Books: Worth the Effort - Ella's Story    Worth the Effort - Ayden's Story

King of Bad    Polar Opposites    Super Bad    An Unwitting Trickster

Vera Strange

    Books: Be Careful What You Wish Fur    Liar, Liar, Head on Fire    Once Upon a Scream

Reviewers - 

T - 

Authors - 

Tilly Tennant

    Books: Cathy's Christmas Kitchen

Dan Thompson

    Books: Hatred Hidden    Ana's Trial    The Black Petal    The Golden Lyre

S.J. Townend

    Books: Tabitha Fox Never Knocks

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Authors - 

Reviewers - 

V - 

Authors - 

Reviewers - 

W - 

Authors - 

Cat Weldon

    Books: How to be a Hero

Alex Wheatle

    Books: Witness

Reviewers - 

X - 

Authors - 

Reviewers - 

Y - 

Authors - 

Jane Yates

    Books: Garden    Octopus Pirate    Paradox Child    Therianthropy    

Original Destination

Reviewers - 

Z - 

Authors - 

Reviewers - 

Writing teams - 

Authors - 

Meri Benson & Marie Sinadjan

    Books: Hotel Fen (Nine Book 1)

M.G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman

    Books: Adventures on Trains: The Highland Falcon Thief

Natalie Watson & Nina Holmes

    Books: #Rejected Goddesses

Cendrine Marrouat & David Ellis

    Books: A Particle of You

Various Authors - 

Books - 

Christmas Bizarre and Other Stories

Glittery Literary Anthology Volume 1

The Bells of Christmas 2


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