Book review - Two Penny Blue (The Plain Sight Novels Book 2) by R David

Book - Two Penny Blue (The Plain Sight Novels Book 2)

Author - R David

Rating - 


In the Welsh countryside a village saw children disappear and someone be placed in prison for the kidnap and murder of them but how long until a village can truly get back to feeling like it used to?  With just 3 years passed since the disappearances occurred it is time to revisit the village and see just what has changed and what remains the same but when things begin to start to take a weird turn once again and the local newspaper reporting starts to raise more and more rumours can those responsible for getting to the bottom of everything actually get the answers that people truly need?

This book is the second in the trilogy and for me this book is much better than the first offering as the pacing is much better, there is improved editing and we begin to get a much deeper look at the characters whilst not dragging the story to a point where you are not feeling like it is progressing (something I found the first offering of doing a bit too much).  A well written, well thought out story that delivers on characters who are believable and that you start to build up an attachment to which shows a true talent this author possesses.


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