Book review - The Victim by Gillian Jackson

Book - The Victim

Author - Gillian Jackson

Rating -


When a young wife calls 999 to report her husband dead and that she stabbed him it seems like a pretty clear case but was it self defence or planned?  As more details emerge about the wife it is clear she was an abused woman but is everything ever really clear cut?  Evidence is at a premium and there are more than 2 sides to the stories being heard but can the police really get to the bottom of this case or will they just have to go with things being unable to be proven and so take it as being as it looks initially?

This is the second book I've read by this author and she is a true talent.  This book felt like I knew what was coming at times but then it had another little twist to things whilst never feeling like the author was reaching for something that didn't make sense or fit.

This is a great read and one I highly recommend.


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