Book review - Monster Ridge (The Prophecies of Ragnarok Book 2) by Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan

Book - Monster Ridge (The Prophecies of Ragnarok Book 2)

Author - Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan

Rating - 


After having survived Hotel Fen and managing to get away with their lives intact Victor and Silje believed they had moved on and were going to be able to grow closer but they are soon to discover that the god-like brothers of Victor are not going to let it be that simple as they come after the pair and aim to stop the past from repeating itself and for things that were once myth to become true.

This is the second instalment in the series and is once again a well written, well edited story that works perfectly and manages to bring the myths of Odin, Loki and more to life without making the book feel farcical as others can do by trying to focus on being over the top.  This is a book which just works.


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