Book review - Dragonesque: Eyrie Iolair by Ophelia Kee

Book - Dragonesque: Eyrie Iolair

Author - Ophelia Kee

Rating - 


Dustin is the Lord of the Dragons and in this short story he is given the chance to obtain his life long love, his mate.  When his potential mate is suddenly at deaths door Dustin begins to lose his mind and aims to protect her by keeping all others at bay but will this save her or harm her?

This is a well written and great read and the tiny mark down is simply that I believe you would be best to have read the other pieces in this series before going for this one and that was not something that was clear.


  1. Thank you so much for this unexpected review of my story. I will correct the issue and make it clear in the blurb that the short story is part of a larger miniseries and not a standalone tale. I am overjoyed that you liked the story! Thank you again. You just made an Indie Author's Day!


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