Book review - Watermark (The Plain Sight Novels Book 3) by R David

Book - Watermark (The Plain Sight Novels Book 3)

Author - R David

Rating - 


The coal mines are closed and the villages in South Wales are now dying a slow death but the death that stands out to those in the area is the boys who went missing those few years ago and the fact that they wanted to bring all of them home but never got the chance.

The locals have moved on with their lives but with the local police seeming to be in disarray and the vicar appearing to be losing his sanity it becomes a time to focus on saving those who remain alive and able to be saved but there are also those who need to save their souls by offsetting all that they have done over the years and so with the newspaper editor starting to see the error of his ways can this local community come together to finally uncover the truth and to create a future after the mines?

This is a well thought out, written and delivered end to the trilogy and but for a few little editing issues it would be a 5 star offering.


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