My One Star Review Experience - Adam T Best

Everyone is proud of the books they have on Amazon.  If you’re like me, you think, “I worked hard on my book, and I put everything into making it the best I can.”  I’m excited every day to open Amazon to see new reviews.  My first review was a five-star review.  Getting a five-star review, I can’t help but smile big. You get the feeling of floating on air, the sun shining, and birds singing. You get the idea. It’s a great feeling.    Today I opened my Amazon, receiving my first one-star review. I’ve heard other authors say getting a one-star review stings, and they aren’t kidding. Seeing the one-star review felt like getting punched in the gut on a cloudy and grey day.  My first thought is of frustration and anger.  I wanted to throw my phone across the room. But I’ve received good reviews so far. So why did I get a one-star review? Then I remembered seeing a topic on Twitter that everyone gets a one-star review, sooner or later.  Currently, I’m reading Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Ces

A short story offering from Laura Austin - Moving On

I laughed as Jake and Marie fought with the wrapping paper, shoving it at each other and trying to wrap it around their heads. At 4 years old, the twins constantly either played or fought.  “Okay, kiddos, time for bed.” They groaned like I knew they would, but then tossed the mangled paper on the floor and toddled up the stairs. I swiped it up and carried it with me to the kitchen to throw it away and get them their habitual last drink of water before settling in for the night. As I toted the half full glasses up the stairs, I heard them giggling in a conspiratorial fashion. I slowed down to give them time to cement their plans, then casually entered their room, feigning ignorance.     “Boo, Mommy!” they shrieked delightedly as I crossed the threshold.  I played along, yelling out and “accidentally” dumping the water over their tiny heads. They shrieked again then squealed protests at me and laughed. “Come on, get a towel and dry off.” I advised. I loved being a mom. There was always s

Courtenay S. Gray - My Dinner Party

Where are you holding your dinner party? I am holding my dinner party at a library in Paris. What's the occasion you are holding the dinner party for? I am holding the dinner party as a way of getting great minds in one room. Who are your five guests and why are they invited? My five guests include; Barbara Genova , Jack Moody , Katy Naylor , Ben Riddle , and JoeHaward .  What food are you serving? For the starter, we will have a selection of bruschetta and pork belly squares. As for the main meal, we will be having prime wagyu steak, which I will have imported from Hyogo. To dress the steak, there will be a treacle soy syrup with Himalayan sea salt. My dessert will consist of the entire stock of the finest bakery in Paris.  What's your cocktail or mocktail for the dinner party? Our cocktail for the evening will be the Sidecar from the Bar Hemingway. If we decide to switch to a mocktail, there will be a choice of either a Shirley Temple or a Coconut Creme Mocktini.  What music

Unprecedented Times by Lisa Thomas

Author: Lisa Thomas Title: Unprecedented Times Genre/Genres:  Sci-Fi, dystopian, COVID-fiction Synopsis: A science fiction-dystopian-drama with elements of romance and comedy… based on the real-life events of the COVID-19 pandemic.   This fact-meets-fiction novel looks at the events of the pandemic, but taking the story in a very different direction to reality.  In reality, we can control the virus, limit our losses, work together to overcome it… but is there a situation where that might not be the case?    Follow MY version of the pandemic across two timelines and through the eyes of four characters.  Clara, a wannabe scientist working as an assistant at the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Her boss, Dr Vicente, the kind-hearted Director-General of the WHO.  Her twin sister, Rosa, a nurse and new mother.  And Rosa’s fiancĂ©, Ben, a fun-loving  police officer.    As the virus takes a very different turn in this story, creating an alternative history, do we risk losing  our  humanity fo

Andy Howden interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW When did your love of books begin? I think it was sixth form for me when I really started to think I would love to read English at University. Rather bizarrely for a lad growing up in the Yorkshire Dales, I really liked reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion for A level! Something about her ability to bring characters to life and wonderful choice of phrase. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? I have enjoyed creative writing ever since primary school (I’m old enough for it to have been called ‘composition’ at the time!), and have dabbled with writing through my adult life, much of it recounting the ups and downs of supporting Hull City (a tragi-comedy in 3 acts). I had an idea for a novel about 10 years ago but it was only when I had time to pursue a Creative Writing MA at St. Mary’s University in Twickenham that I found the time and discipline to write a novel. How have you found the process for becoming an author? Definitely one of the most rewarding th

Crispy Confessions: As Told By A Hapa - our blog about their blog

Blog name: Crispy Confessions: As Told By A Hapa Blog link:  www. Social media:    Pinterest ( | Twitter (@hhensell | Instagram (@helenhensell) | Facebook ( A little introduction: I am a 30 something millennial and multiracial blogger. I am the parent to two young multiracial children.  I am a self proclaimed chocoholic and coffee drinker. What made you start your blog?  I have been blogging (on and off) since blogging first became a thing back in 2003. I love writing and blogging is the perfect way for me to express myself. I started my blog midway through 2020 during the pandemic because I was bored. Where did the name for your blog come from? I relaunched my blog in 2020 during the pandemic. But my blog was actually conceived back in 2015. I wanted a name that was short, sweet, and catchy. Because I am drawn to alliterative names, I knew that the words had to start with the same

Heather Serrano interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: Like many of my author peers, I have been writing for as long as I can remember, but I have also been supporting myself for that long too. This has not come from writing. Writing is such a love/hate relationship, sometimes more hate than love, but we authors can't resist. When did your love of books begin? I don't understand how anybody doesn't want to get lost in a good book. It's the ultimate escape. Years ago when I was in a book club, I was one of the few who finished the books each month. This is where I read my favorite book of all time, "Fall on your Knees" by Anne-Marie MacDonald. I was mesmerized by this story. I had dabbled in writing at this point, but never thought I could write like this. And then there have been so many books where I have wondered, "How'd this thing get published?" I guess I have never given myself enough credit as a writer. My thought is, (and self-publishing is proof) "