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Book review - Aden to Zanzibar (The Plain Sight Novels Book 1) by R David

Book -  Aden to Zanzibar (The Plain Sight Novels Book 1) Author -  R David Rating -  Review: When children go missing in a small Welsh village it is easy to point the fingers at anyone and everyone but can the children be found safe and well? This is the entire focus of this story and sees over 370 pages to unfold the story which makes for a story which should be able to flow perfectly and be full of details but for some this can make for something which feels like it is dragging somewhat.  At the start of this book I found myself unsure if I was going to continue with the story but decided to keep going with it and found a story which was well written and did have an interesting story unfolding but was not blown away by the book overall as I felt it could have been delivered in a shorter time and still had the same level of suspense as the author has tried to capture in this work. Worth a read but please do be aware you may find this a bit of a slower read than many other books in thi

Book review - Secrets and Magic (The Centaur Tribe book 3) by Amy Lee

Book -  Secrets and Magic (The Centaur Tribe book 3) Author -  Amy Lee Rating -  Review: Leah has began to accept herself as being part of the tribe but as she continues on her journey so too do the tribe and when rumours of another centaur tribe come about it is time for decisions to be made by all.  With Leah having now become much stronger and able to stand up for herself she is now not going to simply bow down to what others decide for her and so it is time for more decisions to be made by both people and centaurs alike. This is the third book in the series and for me has the strongest story and the one which stood out for the character development and the fact that the entire story is moving forward without it feeling forced but with a little bit more editing error than previous offerings it unfortunately scores less due to this. I see this series developing well and hope that the editing will be sorted out to push the series to a higher gear than anything that has come before.

Book review - Dreams and Descent (The Centaur Tribe book 2) by Amy Lee

Book -  Dreams and Descent (The Centaur Tribe book 2) Author -  Amy Lee Rating -  Review: Leah has adapted to her life within the tribe and began to develop into a much stronger, confident woman who is able to determine her own mind but whilst the world around her is still so fractured and in need of resolutions can she truly indulge in allowing romance and friendships to blossom?  This is the second book in this series and it is interesting to see the character development of so many of the characters whilst also having a developing story that feels like it is seeing the writer developing her style and skills too.  The book is well written, a page turner and a small markdown is simply for a few little edits but this is an overall excellent book that is highly recommended.

Book review - Second Glance - A Serrulata Saga Romance Novel (The Serrulata Saga) by A.E. Bennett

Book -  Second Glance - A Serrulata Saga Romance Novel (The Serrulata Saga) Author -  A.E. Bennett Rating -  Review: Lord Patrick Upshur has had a challenging life and after the severe fever which ailed him a number of years ago left him with severe mobility issues to the point of him needing a walking stick and tiring easily but when he comes across a man who is the perfect match for him he can't believe it and sets about a relationship with him, the problem, it is forbidden for a man to be with another man in the Realm. Commandant Iseul of the White Riders is finally finding happiness in his life with Lord Patrick and despite the sneaking around the two must undertake constantly it is very much worthwhile thanks to the amazing physical connection they have and the true love they are developing for each other but being a White Rider means he knows the risks both are taking and so he is always working to try to keep them safe. Can the two eventually form a relationship which is abl

Book review - The Guidal: Unearthing Secrets by Roxy Eloise

Book -  The Guidal: Unearthing Secrets Author -  Roxy Eloise Rating -  Review: Aurora has already experienced so much in her life but now finds herself stuck in a love triangle, having to come to terms with her powers and discovering more and more things that throw her entire life into disarray.  Her belief in doing the right things remains at the centre of who she is and so sneaking around is continuing to take a toll on her, despite her knowing that it is the correct way to go about things at the minute but as her life continues to spiral and more and more is uncovered it becomes obvious she is going to have to make tougher and tougher choices and some of the decisions she will make maybe right for everyone but her. The first book was amazing and so hopes for the second book were high and I am amazed that this book didn't just meet but surpassed any expectations I had.  The book is perfectly written and has so many little twists and turns that never feel forced but instead feel l

Book review - Season of the Monster: Summer by AJ Humphreys

Book -  Season of the Monster: Summer Author -  AJ Humphreys Rating -  Review: The disappearances have been continuing and as the colony grows larger it is becoming more and more important for them to devise a plan on how things move forward but can the colony continue to grow together or will it become too big for just one leader to control everything?  Can those seeking the missing get to the bottom of things before they take a turn for the worse? This is the second offering in this series and delivers a well worked story that is layered and enjoyable.  At no point did I feel bored or confused with the goings on despite there being so many different things happening throughout and for me this shows a truly talented author who understands exactly where he is going with this story.