Book review - Secrets and Magic (The Centaur Tribe book 3) by Amy Lee

Book - Secrets and Magic (The Centaur Tribe book 3)

Author - Amy Lee

Rating - 


Leah has began to accept herself as being part of the tribe but as she continues on her journey so too do the tribe and when rumours of another centaur tribe come about it is time for decisions to be made by all.  With Leah having now become much stronger and able to stand up for herself she is now not going to simply bow down to what others decide for her and so it is time for more decisions to be made by both people and centaurs alike.

This is the third book in the series and for me has the strongest story and the one which stood out for the character development and the fact that the entire story is moving forward without it feeling forced but with a little bit more editing error than previous offerings it unfortunately scores less due to this.

I see this series developing well and hope that the editing will be sorted out to push the series to a higher gear than anything that has come before.


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