Book review - Second Glance - A Serrulata Saga Romance Novel (The Serrulata Saga) by A.E. Bennett

Book - Second Glance - A Serrulata Saga Romance Novel (The Serrulata Saga)

Author - A.E. Bennett

Rating - 


Lord Patrick Upshur has had a challenging life and after the severe fever which ailed him a number of years ago left him with severe mobility issues to the point of him needing a walking stick and tiring easily but when he comes across a man who is the perfect match for him he can't believe it and sets about a relationship with him, the problem, it is forbidden for a man to be with another man in the Realm.

Commandant Iseul of the White Riders is finally finding happiness in his life with Lord Patrick and despite the sneaking around the two must undertake constantly it is very much worthwhile thanks to the amazing physical connection they have and the true love they are developing for each other but being a White Rider means he knows the risks both are taking and so he is always working to try to keep them safe.

Can the two eventually form a relationship which is able to survive the Realm and all those who would see them broken apart or will their positions in life mean there are just too many things against them for it to survive?

This is a well written book that is full of high-heat passion and gives an insight into these characters and how those like them are treated and must live within the Realm which for me adds to the Serrulata Saga as it gives a further depth to the overall story and draws the reader even deeper into the world.  A small markdown for a bit of editing but this is still a very strong book which is well worth a read.


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