Book review - The Guidal: Unearthing Secrets by Roxy Eloise

Book - The Guidal: Unearthing Secrets

Author - Roxy Eloise

Rating - 


Aurora has already experienced so much in her life but now finds herself stuck in a love triangle, having to come to terms with her powers and discovering more and more things that throw her entire life into disarray.  Her belief in doing the right things remains at the centre of who she is and so sneaking around is continuing to take a toll on her, despite her knowing that it is the correct way to go about things at the minute but as her life continues to spiral and more and more is uncovered it becomes obvious she is going to have to make tougher and tougher choices and some of the decisions she will make maybe right for everyone but her.

The first book was amazing and so hopes for the second book were high and I am amazed that this book didn't just meet but surpassed any expectations I had.  The book is perfectly written and has so many little twists and turns that never feel forced but instead feel like they are pushing the story along in a natural way.  The characters are all believable and interactions between the characters feel real too which means that the reader is drawn into a world that is all about the characters and their growth throughout the books.

Truly this is one of the few books that I would give more than 5 stars if I could as the first book felt amazing but this one surpasses it.


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