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A thank you to Papillon du Père Publishing

At Feed My Reads we love having great people from all areas of the publishing world as part of our community and so we were delighted when the folks at Papillon du Père Publishing reached out to us in regards to doing a giveaway which we recently ran and saw some of our Feed My Reads members get free books from Papillon du Père Publishing. We did not know how many winners there would be but Jay from Papillon du Père Publishing was able to confirm that he had given 11 books away to the winners which we are very thankful for.  If you don't already follow them then please do give Papillon du Père Publishing a follow as they are really great guys and well worth keeping up to date with.  If you do give them a follow then please let them know that Feed My Reads sent you. You can find them at -  Papillon du Père Publishing

Willow Andrews interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Willow Andrews is a pen name I created due to circumstances beyond my control. I have written three books previously, and CHRISTMAS LOST IN TIME, will be my first fictional book.   I am an Alabama native, and still reside here. I am the single mother of one daughter, and grandmother of a beautiful 15 year old granddaughter. I am retired, and my passion is sharing the news of Jesus, and writing.  I volunteer one day a week, I spend time with family, friends, my dog Buttercup, puzzles, books, video vlogs which are on hold at this time.   I had a learning disability as a child and was told I couldn’t do things that others could do. I decided to prove them all wrong. I with the help of God overcame my disability and chose not to let my past dictate my future as stated in my first book about my life; The Heart That Grieves of a Little Girl Lost by Risa Owens AKA Willow Andrews.   My first book was Hansel and Gretel which I didn’t get until I was nine years old I believe. I

Something completely new from Feed My Reads

Good morning/afternoon/evening, We hope you are all doing well. First of all I wanted to say a massive thank you for the continued support of the Feed My Reads community as it is truly appreciated. As you know, Feed My Reads is constantly evolving and trying to bring about new and creative ideas, as part of this we have something completely new for you which we hope you will be excited about. We have a brand new Twitter space called FMR_Events  and this space is all about being able to host events for our amazing community.  The way this will work is that different people will host the posts during allocated times and you those from the Feed My Reads community will be able to then interact with those hosting so that we can get people to know each other and discover new amazing people. We are in the process of setting up a first event to be held and so we are looking for people to head on over to the new Twitter space so we can ensure you can be kept up to date with things as they are a

Krysten Lindsay Hager interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: My name is Krysten Lindsay Hager and I love reading, re-watching the same things on TV, and writing. I also like to journal and I no longer worry about anyone reading it because my handwriting is so bad that  I  can barely read what I wrote. When did your love of books begin? My parents were big readers and my mom used to look at what was popular for my age group to find books I’d like. I was really into series middle grade and YA books for years, so it makes sense that the first books I published were in both of those genres. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? I remember thinking being an author would be amazing when I was a kid and I knew in 4th grade that was my dream job. My mom signed me up for a writing conference my senior year of high school to see if I’d really like it. I was intimidated, but I also felt like I found where I belonged being there. I felt understood. How have you found the process for becoming an auth

Richard Holeman interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW When did your love of books begin? When I was very young. Before I could read, I loved flipping through the pages and looking at the illustrations. When I read Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, that was the first time I related to a character in a book and I was completely hooked on books and stories. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? I always knew I was a writer - first creating my own comic books as a small child, then writing and sharing stories through middle-school. I didn't do anything with this dream until I was in my early 50s - life can get in the way of your dreams if you let it. How have you found the process for becoming an author? Well, of course, the digital age and the platforms for self-publishing have made it easier to get a book out there, the challenge will always be in marketing and getting your book to as many readers as you can. What would you say to those wanting to become an author? If you are a writer, if y

Book review - The Wizard and Me: More Misadventures Of Bubbles the Guinea Pig by Simon Farnaby

Book -  The Wizard and Me: More Misadventures Of Bubbles the Guinea Pig Author -  Simon Farnaby Rating -  Review: This short childrens book sees a guinea pig called Bubbles have a visitor come to their house in the form of a wizard who gives him the power of speech through his thoughts being verbalised.  Bubbles decides to go on a journey or two and we are able to find out all about his adventures through his diary that he recorded using a dictaphone. This is a well written, funny and cute story that I know as a youngster I would have loved and as an adult I truly found this to be an enjoyable little read and would recommend it for the younger readers out there.

Book review - The Hen Party by Maria Frankland

Book - The Hen Party Author - Maria Frankland Rating - Review: When bride to be Caitlyn heads to Dublin on her hen party we see a woman who is in remission from cancer and she should be surrounded by positivity and great friends but we soon discover that 3 of the hen party are the family of the groom to be and are not big fans of Caitlyn.  With her friends not seeming to be in the best of moods it falls on her best friend and chief bridesmaid to turn the hen party into something memorable but when they awake to find someone has died their very first morning in their apartment, their worries change from saving the hen party experience and becomes about if they can save themselves. I found this book to be really well written and whilst I was 50% of the way through the book and spotted the twist to come I still found myself enjoying the book itself.  Did I figure out the ending before I got there?  Yes I did but it did not detract in the slightest from what for me was an excellent read an

Courtney Davis interview 2

AUTHOR INTERVIEW 2 First of all welcome back for another interview with Feed My Reads as our community really do appreciate you taking the time to do this. So, our first question is who is your writing hero? I think my writing heros are all the authors who don't give up! It's hard to get published, it's hard to finish a story and it's really hard to make yourself so vulnerable and put yourself out there with a book that anyone can buy and read. For all those who triumphed over the fears of all that! Good job! Keep at it and you inspire me to keep going! Which book or books would you say influenced you the most on your writing journey? I think reading horror as a kid really influenced me a lot. R.L. Stein was a favorite and then reading romance when I was a little older, Johanna Lindsey was a favorite back then, really influenced me to write what I love and combine some monsters with romance too! If you could choose one book by someone else that you wish you had written

Kyrie Wang interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: I’m a small-town physician and mom who writes historical fiction on the side. I also love to draw my own characters and compose music for my books… when I have time! When I’m too tired to write, I play guitar or piano.  Forbidden Ties (Enemy’s Keeper Series Book 1) is my first venture into serious publishing. When did your love of books begin? For as long as I remember, I loved books. I read all the Roald Dahl books I could get my hands on and started writing my own novels when I was eight years old. It’s kind of embarrassing to read those works now (full of impossible flying wagons and runaway kids!) but those pages of childish pencil writing warm my heart. I know my childhood self would be thrilled to know I’m a published author now. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? Around my teens, when self-publishing became more accessible. My first ISBN registered book was Seeker, the prequel to the Enemy’s Keeper series. I designed

Book review - We Watch You by NS Ford

Book - We Watch You Author - NS Ford Rating -  Review: Imagine that you have been part of a small group of friends for a number of years when suddenly an old friend goes missing and the actions of yourself and your friends might have been a contributing factor to their mental state, what do you do? As your two best friends find their lives being turned upside down and you realise you are potentially being followed then what would you do?  Are you in danger?  Should you just keep doing normal everyday things? This story is a very well written and delivered story and throughout I felt it was going to be a 5 star read but with the twist at the end I felt it was almost like a genre leap and although this would not be a problem for me I felt the ending seemed slightly rushed and left me feeling like I had enjoyed the book but a little frustrated.  I had to think for a couple of days on how I felt about this book and whilst for me the ending was too rushed I still enjoyed the book overall an

Annie Le Voguer interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: Hi, I’m Annie, I’m author of the Wingfield Equestrian series of horse books for grown ups. When did your love of books begin? When I was little, my mother made stories up to encourage me to eat my food, or go to sleep, or to keep me amused when ill. Her tales could run for weeks as I’d urge her to tell me more. So, I’d say my love of words came from mum. Books came next. My first love has always been horses. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t surround myself with them. I had toy horses rather than dolls, books about horses and my magazine treat would be Horse and Hound.  When did you start to have the wish to become an author? The desire to become an author myself was fired up as a nine-year-old. Our primary school hosted Joan Aitken, a children’s author. One of her stories, A necklace of raindrops, was a rare detour from the world of horse books I owned, and I was very excited to meet her. She was a wonderful lady and I went home full of id

Melanie Woolner interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: My name is Melanie and I’m a writer! When did your love of books begin? My love of books started when I was very young, too young to remember exactly when! When did you start to have the wish to become an author? I always wanted to be a writer, except for the time I wanted to be a nurse and ballerina! How have you found the process for becoming an author? I found the process of becoming an author very easy, I submitted my work and got accepted, not everyone’s experience I know, but it is mine! What would you say to those wanting to become an author? For those who want to become an author, I’d say go for it! You don’t know what you can do until you try! Tell us about your book/books: My books are:’s+Teeth&qid=1633641302&sr=8-1

Another milestone for Feed My Reads

Hello to all and a massive thank you for all the continued support of the Feed My Reads community. I wanted to say that we just hit another massive milestone today with the posting of our 500th author interview.  Delighted that Amy Shannon had the privilege of taking that honour and we look forward to welcoming many more authors to our blog in the future so if you are an author and haven't done your author interview yet then please do let us know so we can organise to get this in place for you. Lot's of other exciting milestones to come shortly and it is an exciting time to be part of Feed My Reads with all that we have coming in the very near future that will push things to another level for us. If you know someone who isn't part of what we are doing then please do let them know we are here and that we have all of the locations below to be part of it all -  Twitter -   Facebook -   Face