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Book review - After The Party by Georgina Lees

Book - After The Party Author - Georgina Lees Rating -  Review: Lizzie loves Dean but has never told him about her crush and love for him.  When a colleague goes missing following a company party Lizzie is suddenly thrown into a world full of suspicion of everyone and everything and the small community that she thought she knew so well is seeming to be falling apart around her but can they find the missing female colleague? This book takes a little while to get going (you are around 30% of the way through the book before there is anything really kicking off at all) but once you are into the main events you find yourself considering each person as a suspect but then questioning what crime may have happened and more.  The story was one that I felt would not hit that high when things were taking time to get going but in the end I found myself impressed with the story and whilst I understand some people being unhappy with the ending I was impressed with the twists that the author had worke

Book review - The Promise by Jan Miklaszewicz

Book - The Promise Author - Jan Miklaszewicz Rating -  Review: The Promise is a narrative poem and the first time I have read anything quite like this.  The story is well delivered thanks to a clear and smartly thought out poetry style that enables the reader to be taken on a journey based in feudal Japan.  This is a book which can be enjoyed by those who love poetry but also those who may not have a huge experience of reading poetry work. Something different but in my opinion something that works well and is very much worth checking out.

Book review - A Settler by S.M. Revolinski

Book - A Settler Author - S.M. Revolinski Rating -  Review: 1845 and a developing America sees a guide named Karl Kursk hired to guide a train of wagons to help people move to a different settlement but during the trip Karl finds he is falling in love with a member of the travelling party but can love find a way or is this simply another assignment that will lead to a good payday but little else? Another well written and designed story that keeps up the series standards so far reached.

Book review - A Mountain Man by S.M. Revolinski

Book -  A Mountain Man Author - S.M. Revolinski Rating -  Review: 1845 and an English household decide to hire someone to help them to traverse the mountains and trails as they seek out the wild animals of the local region so that they can hunt those they've not as yet had the chance to stalk.  The trails are well known as being difficult to traverse thanks to the dangers of the animals in the area and the Indians who are located throughout the region. A well written book that has a story which works well and was very enjoyable.

Book review - A Good Woman by S.M. Revolinski

Book - A Good Woman Author - S.M. Revolinski Rating -  Review: Following the passing of her husband it is time for Abigail to acknowledge her life will be a challenge as there are not many single mothers who are able to make a good living in 1884 but the man who was good enough to travel to let her know of her husband having passed seems like one who maybe the type who could help her through this challenging time but can a good woman be enough for him to take on a family?

Book review - The Bear's Last Word (On The Matter) by Will Knight

Book -  The Bear's Last Word (On The Matter) Author - Will Knight Rating -  Review: This beautiful story sees James decide it is time to get the tale of his and Bear's adventures out there including the time they helped out Santa and save Christmas and so we are watching on as they tell their tale to a reporter to ensure that they are out in the world before Bear has passed on as his health is in decline.  The writing is gorgeous and makes for a warming, comforting and overall sweet tale that reads perfectly and is just what you need around the festive period. The fact that the profits from this work go to charity is something that makes it one that gives you the warm internal feel not just thanks to the story itself but also the warmth of knowing this is helping a good cause too.

Book review - I Need Dis...No The F' You Don't by Nicolette Fuller

Book -  I Need Dis...No The F' You Don't Author - Nicolette Fuller Rating -  Review: This is a book which explores what we truly look for in life and why we do this but isn't designed to be a preachy self-help book but is instead the author taking a genuine look at their own needs and wants.  This is a funny and well written book that only has a little markdown due to a few editing things but I genuinely did find this to be a worthwhile and interesting read and one that is very much worth the price and is a simple, short read that will get you thinking.

Book review - More Than You Can Chew by Morton R. Leader

Book - More Than You Can Chew Author - Morton R. Leader Rating -  Review: Jake and Jon are brothers but since the accident when they were young Jon has struggled with being able to let things go and so when he moves in with his brother and his brother's girlfriend they both know that it is going to have to be a limited time before Jon is moving on.  After a neighbour dog attacks Jake's girlfriend Jon decides it is time to take revenge but he simply can't imagine just how much trouble he is going to bring on all three of them with his actions. This is a superb book that is well written and highly recommended.  The small markdown is just for a few little editing issues which can frustrate but for me are genuinely easy to overlook thanks to the quality of the story told and the overall writing itself.

Book review - Me & The Monkey: Chronicles of The Monkey God Volume 2 by Andy Darby

Book - Me & The Monkey: Chronicles of the Monkey God Volume 2 Author - Andy Darby Rating -  Review: The Monkey is a little different from your average monkey, he loves his alcohol, his cigars, his weapons, oh and he's a Monkey God.  This is a tale that takes you on a journey as the Monkey and his small team of adventure lovers who are going to have to find out why they are continually being searched out and just what they need to do in order to save the world.  This is a story that will keep you on your toes as the alcohol fuelled team travel from place to place seeking out artefacts and answers to help them on their mission.  Be prepared for something unique!  This is a great addition to the Me & The Monkey collection and Andy Darby has once again created a work that will make you feel like you are being tilted all over the place as you read this story that makes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster journey with your best friends after having eaten and drank everything

Tanner Garnet interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: Hello and pleased to meet you! My name is Tanner Garnet and I am a writer of fiction that fits nicely into the genres of suspense, crime-thriller and police procedural. In my secret identity, I have held a number of jobs, which include electrical power engineer, teacher of mathematics and science and educational consultant. I also have an extensive non-fiction writing resume, and while writing textbooks and technical newsletters can be fun, fiction writing is... Way. More. Funner. When did your love of books begin? Grade 3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Wow... what an impression that made! Later I discovered super-hero comics and then at the age of 14, I read The Dead Zone by Stephen King... and that was it: I became hooked forever on popular, and eventually, classic fiction. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? As far back as I can remember, I always enjoyed reading and writing. When the time came to apply for Uni

Liam Katt interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I later moved to various parts of the United Kingdom and also to the Isle of Man. Later I moved back to Ireland, again to the United Kingdom and then to Canada where I live today. I tried various careers before moving into mental health nursing where I stayed for the best part of four decades. I worked in prisons secure mental health units, long stay old fashioned mental health hospitals, community nursing and criminal justice mental health. I base quite a lot of my stories on personal experience. I live with my wife Ros and our cat Teddy. Ros is my very best critic. I have two daughters Faye, who lives in Northern Ireland and Siobhan who lives in England. When did your love of books begin? A long time ago in early childhood. A teacher once gave me a Ladybird fiction book ‘The Discontented Pony’. I still have it. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? I was always a storyteller. I would draw storie

William Meikle interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW When did your love of books begin? I started back in the Sixties. Tarzan is the second novel I remember reading. (The first was Treasure Island, so I was already well on the way to the land of adventure even then.) I quickly read everything of Burroughs I could find. Then I devoured Tolkien, Wells, Dumas, Verne and Haggard. I moved on to Conan Doyle before I was twelve, and Professor Challenger’s adventures in spiritualism led me, almost directly, to Dennis Wheatley, Algernon Blackwood, and then on to Lovecraft. Then Stephen King came along. There’s a separate but related thread of a deep love of detective novels running parallel to this, as Conan Doyle also gave me Holmes, then I moved on to Christie, Chandler, Hammett, Ross MacDonald and Ed McBain, reading everything by them I could find.  Mix all that lot together, add a hefty slug of heroic fantasy from Howard, Leiber and Moorcock, a sprinkle of fast moving Scottish thrillers from John Buchan and Alistair MacLean,

Grace Carlisle interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: My name is Grace Carlisle, and I’m a fantasy indie author. I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life. I try to read a little of everything and I enjoy writing all kinds of fantasy stories, especially those with supernatural creatures, such as faeries or vampires. I’m a lifelong geek, so when I’m not writing I’m usually playing video games or tabletop games. I’m very new to the professional side of writing—I published my first book in March 2022 and am currently working on the second in the series. When did your love of books begin? I can’t say for sure, because the love has been there for as long as I can remember. My mother read to me until I was reading on my own. I grew up in bookstores and libraries and spent school reading books under my desk when I thought the teacher wasn’t paying attention. When did you start to have the wish to become an author? As with my love of books, the desire to write has always been there. I’ve found journals from de

Tonya Blessing interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW When did your love of books begin? I can’t remember not loving books. When I was a little girl, before I could even read, my dad had a subscription to National Geographic. When the magazine arrived in the mail, I spent hours looking at the pictures and pretending that I could read and understand the distant lands and people groups described.  When did you start to have the wish to become an author? In middle school, I wrote a short story and was hooked on written story telling.  How have you found the process for becoming an author? Writing is a dream, but the process of editing, publishing, marketing, etc. is challenging. I love telling redemptive stories mainly about women but getting the stories in their hands and then their hearts takes work.  What would you say to those wanting to become an author? I would tell them that the journey is a wild ride – climb aboard, buckle in and soar with the eagles. Tell us about your book/books: The novel Whispering of the Willows

Book interview - Breach Of Trust by Molly Garcia

Please tell us a little about the book Breach of Trust is the first book in the series, it introduces us to Adam & Sarah and details how they met. When a resident at a hostel is murdered his jigsaw officer starts to look into the case, this leads him to working with Sarah who is carrying out an internal investigation into the death. When a second resident is killed in an arson attack on his flat it becomes clear that someone is picking off sex offenders, the problem is the suspect list is very long. Whilst there’s a suspect in each murder no one person has the means, motive or opportunity to have carried them all out. Who is behind it and how can you find someone who is hiding in plain sight?  Where did the inspiration come from for your book? I wanted a victim that readers would find it hard to have sympathy with and of course one of the worst offences are those that are against children, even other offenders look down on them. Once that part had settled in my head the rest of the

Main Character Interview with Molly Garcia and Bedding Down

Please tell us about the book and the character who is being interviewed. “Big Bill” who first made an appearance in “Breach of Trust” and reappeared in book 2 “Bedding Down” Bill is the unofficial regulator of the homeless community in his town, in bedding down he plays a bigger role in the case and starts to share some of his background with one of the team.  How did it feel to be given a leading role in this book? I was actually quite surprised, at first I was going to be more of an extra person with a bit of input like before then suddenly it became a lot bigger than that.  Obviously to us this was a tale but for you it was something you actually went through, how did you find the journey we read about? I’ve been homeless for the nearly 20 years so it was an emotional rollercoaster to be so involved in a case that triggered a lot of painful memories for me. At one point I felt compelled to share more of my background and the positive response I got from that helped me make some dif

My Brand New Book Release with Molly Garcia

What's is your new book called?   Bedding Down Where did the inspiration for the name come from? To be logged as a rough sleeper officially the term “bedding down” is used to describe when someone is genuinely seen to be sleeping out. As my book is based in the homeless community I thought it was an apt title. When is the book released?   It’s just come out actually, November 13 th 2022 Is this book part of a series and if it is then can you give us a little background to the series? This is book 2 in the series which started with “Breach of Trust”. The main characters are Adam who is a police officer who originally worked in the Jigsaw team monitoring sex offenders and Sarah who is a civilian consultant, her role is to advise and support when there are victims, suspects or even perpetrators who are especially vulnerable as she has a background of working in social care. There are other members of the team, mostly police but there’s also a psychiatrist who assists with profiling