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Lokesh Babu interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: Lokesh Babu was born in South India, and educated at the University of Western Sydney. As the eldest son of a traditional Indian family, his life was scripted for him, and he was expected to follow the values and needs of the family. However, he defied expectations, began his own journey, and has embraced the best of eastern and western cultures. He is a frequent public speaker and liaison to corporates, industry groups and executives. Before he completed ‘The True Self’, Lokesh faced many challenges in his life, including inequality, separation, the death of loved ones, illness, near bankruptcy, suicide and self-harm. His recent time in India during COVID pandemic, Lokesh while caring for his father at the end of his life, he became a witness to many things. With patience and silence, he observed the thin line between life and death. It was a constant reminder to appreciate this precious life, and not to waste it on petty, egotistical selfishnes

Lauren A.R. Masterson interview

AUTHOR INTERVIEW A little introduction: “Start at the beginning, and when you come to the end, stop.” –Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland   Lauren A.R. Masterson aka Alice Liddell graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a degree in Fiction Writing. During her college days, she began working as a freelance model eventually making it her full-time profession after graduating. She toured nationally, met scores of creative people, and had many adventures. After retiring from modeling, and experiencing a divorce, Alice felt the drain of her creativity. But after finding a loving and supportive community she began exploring her writing talent and art again. Alice is now a regular in the local Chicago writing communities and is dedicated to enhancing her craft. When did your love of books begin? My Mum read to me when I was a young child, starting when I was a baby.  She taught me how to read when I was three years old, and continued reading to me every night for many ye