Book review - Aden to Zanzibar (The Plain Sight Novels Book 1) by R David

Book - Aden to Zanzibar (The Plain Sight Novels Book 1)

Author - R David

Rating - 


When children go missing in a small Welsh village it is easy to point the fingers at anyone and everyone but can the children be found safe and well?

This is the entire focus of this story and sees over 370 pages to unfold the story which makes for a story which should be able to flow perfectly and be full of details but for some this can make for something which feels like it is dragging somewhat.  At the start of this book I found myself unsure if I was going to continue with the story but decided to keep going with it and found a story which was well written and did have an interesting story unfolding but was not blown away by the book overall as I felt it could have been delivered in a shorter time and still had the same level of suspense as the author has tried to capture in this work.

Worth a read but please do be aware you may find this a bit of a slower read than many other books in this genre.


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