Feed My Reads Awards 2022 and your winners are

Welcome to your Feed My Reads Awards 2022 blog post to confirm our winners, we hugely appreciate just how massive this awards has been and the number of smiles you have created by nominating, voting and spreading the word.

For those of you wishing to view the full ceremony you can do so here - 


Without further delay we are pleased to announce your winners are - 

Author Interview of the year - our joint winners are Maximilian Sam, John St. Clair, Ellie Lieberman

Biggest Indie Supporter of the year - Lee Hall

Book Blogger of the year - our joint winners are Bookaholic Bex, Sharing is Caring Book Blog with Dawn, Bobs and Books

Book Cover - Maximilian Sam for It's a Stray Dog's Life

Book Reviewer - Jane at Tweetables.com

Book Seller - Bert's Books

Childrens Book of the year - Maximilian Sam for It's a Stray Dog's Life

Comedy Book of the year - Maximilian Sam for It's a Stray Dog's Life

Community Member of the year - our joint winners are Maximilian Sam, Lucy from Lucy Turns Pages, Vicky Ball

Crime Novel of the year - L.M. Weeks for Bottled Lightning

Debut Author of the year - our joint winners are Roxy Eloise, T.L. Coughlin

Fantasy Book of the year - Roxy Eloise for The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis

Historical Fiction of the year - Naomi E. Kennedy for The Boy With the Best Laugh

Horror Book of the year - Barbara Avon for Revived

Indie Author of the year - Hitesh Abrol

New Series of the year - Roxy Eloise for The Guidal

Non-Fiction Book of the year - S. Bavey for Luck Jack (1894 - 2000)

Publisher of the year - Mills & Boon

Romance Book of the year - Sarah Forester Davis for Her Name is Hazel

Sci-Fi Novel of the year - C. Elmon Meade for The Demagogue Wars

Series End of the year - Jordan Loyal Short for Travels in the Dark

Short Story Book of the year - Laura M. Austin for The General's Wrath and Other Short Stories

Special Recognition of the year - Nicola Lowe

Star of the Book Community of the year - Lee Hall

Thriller Book of the year - L.M. Weeks for Bottled Lightning

This is our first ever awards and for the winners a massive congratulations, for those who haven't won this time around it is simply not their time as we all know our Feed My Reads community is full of amazing talent and know that there is much more to come from everyone.

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