Book review - An Enemy Like Me by Teri M. Brown

Book - An Enemy Like Me

Author - Teri M. Brown

Rating - 


Set in World War 2, this book sees a first generation American who has grown up in Germany faced with the ultimate decision of whether he should fight for his country or remain and be with his wife and child.  Jacob has grown up with a respect for his German heritage but a deep love for America, he has changed his surname to be more American and so when America is plunged into the war due to the attack on Pearl Harbour Jacob decides it is time to join the war effort and face the Japanese but what happens when he is forced to face an enemy who he has a closer understanding to and sees more of himself in than he could ever have imagined?

This is a superbly written book and sees chapters going over parts of the story from different peoples perspectives which enables the reader to get a full emotional picture of just how tough a number of life decisions are before and then during the war (from the American perspective).  The author has created a story which whilst at a slower pace in places works to draw the reader in over time and to develop and affinity and relationship with the characters which enables for the decisions being made to hit closer to home than would otherwise have been the case.

Overall this is a great read and one which comes highly recommended.


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