Isabella's Quest for God by Risa Owens

Author: Risa Owens

Title: Isabella's Quest for God

Genre/Genres: Christian Fiction


It was time for a new life, and Isabella Westmore was going far away to a place she had never known, leaving the only place she knew as home; leaving the only mother, she had ever known who raised her with love and devotion but now it was time for her to leave the orphanage for a life of her own.
What would her future hold, would she find love? Would she find a family she didn't know she had? Would she find God amid trying to find herself? Life is funny how it has so many twists and turns as we must follow them to find what God has in store for us or we just might lose the gifts He has laid before us.


ISABELLA'S QUEST: FOR GOD: OWENS, RISA: 9798843010201: Books


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