Book Review - Raven's Gate (Book one of The Power of Five series) by Anthony Horowitz

Book - Raven's Gate (Book one of The Power of Five series)

Author - Anthony Horowitz

Rating - 


Myths and legends often have name changes over the years and there are small changes to what people believe to be true but at the base of things there is a truth that remains.  When Matt is involved in a crime that leads to him being sent to stay in the middle of nowhere to learn about himself and how to tow the line but when Matt learns more about himself than could ever be imagined will he be able to unlock the mysteries and survive the people and the events that could lead to his demise?

This book is a superbly written start to a 5 book series and thankfully doesn't use this as a simple spring board into the story to come but instead offers up a fantastic story that draws the reader in and leaves them wanting more.  This is a highly recommended book!


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