A little update on your Feed My Reads community

Hello everyone and welcome to a little Feed My Reads community update as we like to keep you up to date with your community.

So, for those who don't know about us fully, Feed My Reads began in October of 2021 and was put together as a space for those who love books and believe in being positive, supportive and non-judgemental.  We have continued to live by our beliefs and have been noticed by people who love that we are a genuine community rather than simply an account as we are here to be all about celebrating those who are part of what we do.

Feed My Reads is run by myself, Fraser.  I have put in huge hours to develop the community spaces and bring forth content for our amazing community members and have been delighted to see people commenting on loving being part of the community and continuing to spread the word of who we are and what we do as it has enabled us to welcome even more amazing people into our community.

Your community has more going on than you may even realise as we have developed so many spaced over a short period of time and so here is a little overview for you - 

Feed My Reads on Twitter - this is where we first created our space and this is the most utilised space and has a great community of over 5500 members.  We love connecting with new people and have found this space to be the main one where people are reaching out to us and enabling us to connect with those who end up featuring on our blog.

Link for Feed My Reads on Twitter - https://twitter.com/feed_my_reads

Feed My Reads on Facebook - over on Facebook we have our Facebook page which has got 24 members who we see regularly checking out our blog posts and we see that those of you on the page are viewing our content and we truly appreciate you.  We also on Facebook have our group which has over 220 community members and we love that you guys take time out on Facebook to keep up to date with our content as we know Facebook can be somewhat a space of overload.

Link for Feed My Reads on Facebook (group) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/947933716103040

                                                              (page) - https://www.facebook.com/FeedMyReads/

Feed My Reads on Instagram - our Instagram is used to enable us to share our blog post links and we love that we have a community of over 440 members who love what we do on there too.  We appreciate every single person who is over on Instagram and keeping up to date with us.

Link for Feed My Reads on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/feedmyreads/

Feed My Reads on TikTok - TikTok is a space we truly do love and want to continue to develop content for.  We are amazed to see that we have over 95 community members keeping up to date with our posts to this space and we are looking forward to creating much more content to thank people for becoming a part of what we are doing over there.

Link for Feed My Reads on TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@feedmyreads?lang=en

Feed My Reads on Pinterest - Our Feed My Reads space on Pinterest was created to enable us to have all of our blog posts linked and categorised to make a really simple and effective way of people being able to locate content that is relevant to them and so keep up to date with the parts of what we do that really interest them.  We love that we have more than 60 members of the Feed My Reads community are following us over on Pinterest and we truly hope that what we have created works as intended and allows a simple way to view our blog posts.

Link for Feed My Reads on Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/FeedMyReads/

Feed My Reads on Medium - whilst we have our blog spaces we do realise that many people have different ways they want to find and consume content and so we created our Medium space to enable our blog posts to be shared and we whilst it has been taking a lot of time to get the posts carried across we have been delighted to see that we have 21 community members following us on this space.  We are posting from our earliest author interviews and aim to bring it all the way up to our most recent posts so this is a great place for people to discover content that we started with and catch up with some amazing content they may otherwise have missed.

Link for Feed My Reads on Medium - Medium.com/@FeedMyReads

Feed My Reads Blogspaces - Feed My Reads has produced a huge volume of blog posts including author interviews, book interviews, recommended reads and much more.  Since launching our blog we have over 64,000 views and continue to see views in the thousands each month alongside our other spaces also getting views too.  The blog space has enabled us to introduce many authors to our book loving community and we are always delighted when we hear from new authors who are looking to feature with us.  Thanks to the success of our original blog space but also knowing that some people prefer to use other blog spaces we decided to create a second blog space to host the content via and this enables us to actually garner even more views for the very same content.  For those wishing to check out our blogs (and maybe decide which you prefer to use) there are 2 options and we provide the links as per below.

Link for Feed My Reads blog via Blogger - www.timetofeedmyreads.blogspot.com

Link for Feed My Reads blog via Wordpress - https://wordpress.com/home/timetofeedmyreads.wordpress.com

Feed My Reads on Tumblr - our Feed My Reads Tumblr space was created to enable us to link our blog posts and hopefully gather some good viewership as this is a social media created around those who enjoy reading blogs.  The space has had very low uptake so far but we continue to make use of this as any additional views for our content are important and count towards helping out many authors who are part of our community.

Link for Feed My Reads on Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/feed-my-reads

Feed My Reads on YouTube - we always have an understanding that content is not always about how we want to consume it but is instead about the community and how they wish to consume it and so as part of this Feed My Reads created its own channel on YouTube which has 37 subscribers currently and we are always looking into new ways of utilising the space so this is somewhere we have high hopes to develop much further as we move along.

Link for Feed My Reads on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSDZITlBfD6qTeRcKU40XBA

Feed My Reads Podcasts - as with our YouTube space we created an area where we were able to create and post podcasts and we have made a few of these but found low uptake thus far.  We are constantly reviewing our content and processes and the area of podcasts is one that we are going to improve to ensure the growth of this moving forward.  For those looking to connect to our current content the links below give our 2 spaces used - 

Link for Feed My Reads podcast via Anchor - https://anchor.fm/feedmyreads

Link for Feed My Reads podcast via Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6h2eE26KeLZSh8mnPNHLlL

Feed My Reads Newsletter - with a huge volume of content that we create we understand that keeping up with things can be a challenge and so we created our very own newsletter that we email out to subscribers.  This newsletter contains information about the community, updates on things we maybe doing, updates from authors, etc.  We love that we have 190 subscribers to this newsletter and we always look forward to sharing the next newsletter with everyone.

Link to sign-up for the Feed My Reads newsletter - http://eepurl.com/hOXPsz

Donating to Feed My Reads - as Feed My Reads is run by one person and therefore all costs are covered by them, it can be a somewhat expensive venture and so we have had members of the community, including authors, who have asked along the way about how they can support Feed My Reads and so we created spaces to enable people to donate.  The way the funds are used are for covering the costs for running the community (eg power costs) and also for enabling us to hold giveaways.

Link to donate via Ko-fi - https://ko-fi.com/feedmyreads

Link to donate via Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/FeedMyReads

You can also donate via PayPal to - feedmyreads@hotmail.com

So, quite a lot to take in for everyone but as it is your community it is important that you can see how things are going.  I personally appreciate each and every single person who is part of our Feed My Reads community and hope you do love what we do here and help us to continue to grow and bring even more content to even more people.


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