Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 105

Day 105 for our Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 and we are once again bringing you a children's book and another new author for us as we welcome Paul O'Grady with Eddie Albert and the Amazing Animal Gang: The Amsterdam Adventure.

The hilarious and action-packed middle grade adventure from beloved comedian and bestselling author Paul O’Grady.

Unbeknownst to anyone, somewhat-unhappy and never-quite-fitting in 10-year-old Eddie Albert can speak to animals, including his pet dog Butch, his hamster and his two goldfish (who claim they were once pirates). But when Eddie is sent to stay with his eccentric aunt in Amsterdam, he discovers that she too has this gift…

So begins a breathless cosmopolitan comic crime adventure, as Eddie, Aunt Budge, his new friend Flo and a whole gang of amazing animals take on the most-dastardly villain Amsterdam has ever seen, in a desperate race against time to save one of their own.

Eddie Albert is a technicolour cinematic adventure packed full of friendship, animals, action… and always, of course, a wicked sense of humour


Eddie is that boy at school who seems to always be getting in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong and is picked on for the fact he doesn't have the latest mobile phone or in fact a mobile phone at all but what nobody knows is that Eddie has a very special gift, he can communicate with animals.

When Eddie's dad gets a promotion that will mean Eddie needs to go and stay with his Aunt Budge in her rather large house, he can't believe how great things are in his life.  He meets the young girl next door and finds himself having a new friend in her, he is able to cycle around Amsterdam and enjoy all the sights that he never imagined he would get the chance to but then one night he spots something which turns his entire world upside down.  Can Eddie and his animal friends work together to stop Vera Van Loon?  What really happened to that orangutan they have said has gone missing from the zoo?

This is a well written and fun book that is one I can really see younger readers loving.  I'd say that the fact the main character, Eddie is 10 years old means you are looking around this age for the target audience but if you are older than this I really don't think it takes away from the book at all.  This is a book I would definitely recommend.


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