Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 106

Jessica Piro is bringing you day 106 of Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 with her brilliant book It's the Small Things That Matter.

As a soldier in the Rebellion, Cyrian has seen death, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the bloodbath he discovers. Or the butcher being a woman, chained to a wall and bleeding from the slash at her mouth. She looks ready to add him to the body count…


Imagine entering a space where a bloodbath awaits you, now imagine that you discover a woman chained to the wall with a weapon in her hand and a look that tells you that you could very well be next.  When Cyrian finds just this scene he can't imagine that this sight would meet him but even less can he believe what he finds when he speaks to the woman and discovers her story of how she had ended up in this predicament.

This is a short story that is really well written and leaves you wanting more and straight away looking to see what other work this author has available.  For a short story to have characters with backstories that we learn a little about and for there to be something that feels like character development during a short story is very rare but Jessica Piro has managed to do just this and showcases her writing talent very well in such a short story.


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