Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 107

Something a little different for day 107 of Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 as we bring you Love Peace Joy Light from Esha Prakash.  This is a book which is all about celebrating the journey of life and aims to help the reader to be reminded that they can slow down and appreciate and love life.

Integrating aspects of holistic wellness, merriment, spirituality, and inner happiness; this book aims to celebrate life with the help of carefully articulated four chapters about Love, Peace, Joy, and Light. This book is purposed to be a loving reminder that we must never stop caring for ourselves and our loved ones, even when we feel exhausted.

Uncovering the magic of the four magical words, "Love, Peace, Joy, and Light", this book strives to traverse everyone to an alternate uplifting Universe. Read to discover the magic of life via techniques like practicing gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, self-love, meditation, Yoga, and Mantra chanting. Additionally, learn about the therapy of music, color, spa, nature, celebration, and more via this book.


Life is a journey that for all will have its ups and downs but having the best outlook on life and tools in place such as knowledge are the things that can help us to use a positive outlook to attract the best possible outcomes.  In this book Esha attempts to breakdown life in to four chapters based around love, peace, joy and light which are then broken down into subchapters to help the reader to uncover the best version of themselves through a self help and self love based way of living life.

Overall I found this to be an interesting read which was well written and gives a good level of insight into developing your life so that you can have a more positive outlook.  The first two chapters for me worked especially well and were of the most interest.  I feel that there is something each person could take out of the book as it might be simply seeing how people from all over the world have the same basic teachings when it comes to health, as this is something that is often not thought on but is a help to those who can feel alone when they are going through their journey.

When it came to reviewing this book I did find it slightly challenging as I am someone who has gone through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, which meant I have a good and solid basic understanding of these types of thinking.  Added alongside these therapies I am also a thinker and so I do study different ideas around the brain and mental health and so whilst this book is also teaching on the physical aspects to life too, I found some of what it talked about to be things I was already aware of through my previous learnings.  I would say it was interesting to find what I have already had as different teachings myself are linked to people from all over the world but potentially under different guises and so this is a somewhat thought provoking side to things.


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