Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 100

Day 100 of Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 brings us to a horror entry.  Ouija by James Melzer is a book which was brilliantly written and had a story that worked so if you haven't yet checked out his work then we recommend Ouija as your first read from James Melzer.

High school senior Billy Tanner only wants one thing: Valerie Pigeon. Unfortunately, Valerie is dating the one guy who has tormented Billy since grade school: Rick Monroe.

When his grandmother gives him a Ouija board for his 18th birthday, Billy finds himself communing with an entity knows as Sam, who slowly gives him the confidence and strength to not only talk to Valerie, but to face his bullies, transforming him into a whole new person.

But everything has a price, and as Billy and Sam draw closer to one another he realizes the true power of the Ouija board, and the revelation is deadly!

In the tradition of Witchboard and old school 80's horror movies, Ouija is a fun, fast-paced thrill ride of excitement from award-winning author, James Melzer.


When a teenage boy is given a ouija board for his 18th birthday he is beyond excited, he has few friends and this could be something interesting to do when he is sat in his bedroom on his own fantasising about his one and only dream in life, being with the girl of his dreams.  As the ouija allows the connection with the other side and Billy begins to open up about his dreams of being with Valerie he begins to feel like he has made a true connection and a real friend but can a ouija board allow for a safe connection or could it be something that takes the control of things more than Billy could ever imagine?

This horror story is a really well written piece with a story that works well and I found really enjoyable.  If you've not read this author before then this is a great way to get a chance to check them out as it is a well priced book.


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