Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 98

Day 98 of Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 is a children's book which was a World Book Day offering from 2022 and saw Sophie McKenzie bring us Boy, Missing.  This was a first time reading anything by this author for us and one which means we may well check out more of her work in the future.

An adrenaline-fuelled race against time for World Book Day, from the Queen of teen thrillers and author of Girl, Missing, million-copy selling Sophie McKenzie.
Cousins Ellen and Harlan have been forced to go on a family camping trip – the worst timing ever, because they’re in a huge fight. 
So Ellen is happy when Harlan storms off into the woods, but her peace and quiet quickly turns to panic when he doesn’t come back.  Facing heart-stopping danger on the clifftops, will Ellen be able to find Harlan before it’s too late?


A family camping trip sees Ellen trying to figure out why her cousin who has always been her best friend is suddenly being off with her but when he suddenly seems to have disappeared whilst the rest of the family are away from the campsite she must put aside their differences and try to be brave so that she can ensure her cousin is safe.

This book is well written and delivers a good overall story.  I didn't feel too much worry during the story as things unfolded but as this is aimed at younger readers I felt this to be the right level of "danger" for them rather than trying to overdo it and make it feel uncomfortable.

Overall I think this is a good introduction to the author and a way to see if younger readers are going to be able to cope with somewhat complex situations like when someone goes missing.


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