Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 94

Day 94 of our Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 sees an author who was new to us and part of the Pandamoon Publishing family, Dave Housley.  This Darkness Got to Give sees a book that was one of the very best for the year so far and with nearly 80 titles read this is a truly great feat.

This Darkness Got to Give is a story to die for…

Cain lives the unconventional life of a Deadhead, one of the many fans following the Grateful Dead’s fateful 1995 tour as part of the Dead’s colorful, uninhibited entourage. A vampire determined to fly below the governmental radar, he has carefully constructed his life into one of sheep’s blood and self-control. Drugs aren’t really his thing considering the circumstances, but it only takes one dose from a stranger for Cain’s world to collapse around him and end in what he’d been determined to avoid: murder.

Bodies mount behind Cain as his control frays ever further, and more than one government agency takes notice. The FBI sends Jenkins, a methodical agent who has experience with vampires, and the secretive Invasive Species Division sends Peter, a rootless recent grad who fits a strange list of qualifications. The closer those on Cain’s trail get, however, the less straightforward capturing him becomes, until decades-old governmental secrets are forced into the light and those responsible must face justice, one way or another.


As the Grateful Dead continue on their tour an unsettling thing has begun to happen, dead bodies have been turning up with obvious signs of their death being caused by vampires.  When a young graduate of religious studies is sent under cover to the concerts and advised to fully immerse himself into the life of the true fans (known as the deadheads), he discovers a world of drugs, alcohol and selling all sorts of wares but along the way he also begins to discover just who he is.

Can the police get to the bottom of the deaths?  Can an end be put to the vampire murders?  Can a graduate of religious studies with no real experience of life itself help to uncover the secrets?

This book is one which I truly loved and found to be perfectly paced.  The short chapters help you to move through the book easily and keep you turning the page to read just one more chapter.  I look forward to more work from this author and will be keeping an eye out for his future releases.


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