Coline: Worshipped by a Viking (The King’s Raiders, Book Three) by Peyton Lawson

Author: Peyton Lawson

Title: Coline: Worshipped by a Viking (The King’s Raiders, Book Three)

Genre/Genres: Historical Viking Romance, Spicy Romance, Historical Romance


Being a Highlander in a Viking settlement was a lot simpler and much different from Coline’s new life at Beecham Castle. 

As a young Lady of the court, unsure of herself in these strange new surroundings, Coline finds herself amidst an altercation, only to have the handsome Viking Arne come to her rescue. 

Though Arne has an apparent ulterior motive for wanting to get close to the beautiful young lady, neither him nor Coline could have anticipated the depth of his feelings. Could Arne be falling in love, and ready to abandon all that he knew before? Suddenly, his personal mission shifts, becoming one of protection of the young Coline – who in turn will stop at nothing to keep her family safe.




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