Bodil: Sworn to Protect (The King’s Raiders, Book Four) by Peyton Lawson

Author: Peyton Lawson

Title: Coline: Bodil: Sworn to Protect (The King’s Raiders, Book Four)

Genre/Genres: Historical Viking Romance, Spicy Romance, Historical Romance


Free at last, Bodil has finally shaken the shackles from a loveless and dangerous marriage, and feels strong and full of fire for the first time in years. 

She gains her freedom by being hired as Coline’s bodyguard, on a mission to extract information crucial to protecting their friends on their way to the Point. But she gets more than she bargained for. 

Tough and reserved, Ulf never thought of himself as a romantic fool like the rest of his brothers and friends. But when fate throws him and Bodil together, there seems to be a surprising and welcome change to this Viking’s hardened persona. 

Bodil is a fierce and independent sword maiden, and Ulf soon finds himself falling for her.

But will they pronounce their hidden love for each other before the enemy attacks? 




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