Your #FeedMyReadsCommunity update for February

Hello there,

Thanks so much for checking out this little blog post to give you an update on all that is happening with your Feed My Reads community.  We count on our amazing members to help us be a success and thanks to you all continuing to support us we have seen further progress and growth.

First off let's tackle the Feed My Reads member numbers:

Facebook - - 172 members

Goodreads - - 3 members

Instagram - - 307 members

Pinterest - - 41 members

TikTok - - 45 members

Twitter - - 3,806 members

YouTube - - 24 subscribers

As you can see from the numbers our community is continuing to grow on all of our platforms and whilst it may seem like slow progress this is due to us doing this in a natural way rather than begging people to join us.  Goodreads has only recently been something that has been put out there for people to follow but hopefully this will see growth too.

We have had massive success with our Pinterest and blog which have continued to gain large viewing numbers with Pinterest showing as 12.3K for monthly views as at today and our blog having had overall views totalling 38,220 and during the month of February a total of 7,543 currently.

If you have not as yet checked out more of the blog then please do go to the home page of the blog -

Our Feed My Reads newsletter has continued to slowly gain subscribers and is now at 115 as we get ready to prepare and issue our March newsletter so if you are interested in receiving our newsletter please do sign-up right here -

Feed My Reads is run by one person and so it has been amazing to see people donating to help keep our community going and to assist in covering the costs involved in this.  As the person running Feed My Reads I can genuinely say hand on heart that whilst I do give 30-40 hours per week to the community in posting to our blog and ensuring that everything is continuing to be run in a we that allows us to bring you the very best content out there it is a challenge more so on the financial front as things like power costs and equipment costs do add up and so to those who donate I want to say a massive thank you from myself and also on behalf of the community as you are helping us to continue to grow and get authors the visibility that they deserve.

Here are some of those who have donated so far as we like to acknowledge their generosity - 


If you would like to donate then you can do so here -

We have this month began to put together pages for those members of the Feed My Reads community who wish to have one and this to enable people to get to know each other better and to have any features they may have taken part in kept together on your own profile page.

You can view the pages here - Pinterest

If you want your own page then let us know through any of our channels.

This month we continued to host some amazing author interviews and thanks to the popularity of these we hit 450 having been hosted since we began at the beginning of October which is a huge number and something we are really proud of.  The author interviews are easier to find than ever thanks to our Pinterest page having a section just for them - 


Thank you for taking time to read this little update on your Feed My Reads community.  As it is your community I always like to ensure that you are kept up to date with how we are performing and what we are doing.

Hopefully you like this new style that we are trying for this blog post so please do let us know your thoughts.

Once again a huge thank you for your continued support of our community and I hope you are doing well.

Fraser - Feed My Reads


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