My Ideal Holiday - Sheila Sellinger

First of all where are you going? 

The Virgin Islands

Are you going on your own or taking people along (if you're taking people then who are you taking)?

I’ll take my best friend (name withheld for privacy)

How are you getting there?

We’ll fly.

What 5 books are you taking with you?

Honestly, I wouldn’t take any books because it would be a vacation away from work and a time to rest and reconnect without being distracted by a book waiting for me in my room.

You've arrived, do you unpack straight away or are you going to leave it until later?

Leave it until later. The beach is calling.

What are you going to do during your holiday?

Swim in the ocean, hang out on the beach, eat wonderful local food, and sight see.

What memento do you bring back from your holiday?

Since I’ve never been, I don’t know what all I’d bring back with me.


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