Kristin T. Dethlefsen interview


A little introduction:

My name's Kristin Dethlefsen, and I'm an American living in Germany. My day job is teaching English as a foreign language to adults, and As Red as a Munka Bean is my debut novel.

When did your love of books begin?

I can't remember a time when I didn't like reading. I went to the library every few weeks and checked out as many books as I was allowed, then spent long hours reading: on the sofa, in bed, outside. I still remember books that made a big impression on me as a kid. I loved C.S. Lewis's book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and anything written by Madeleine L'Engle.

When did you start to have the wish to become an author?

I started thinking about it after college, but I thought then that I needed to have some pivotal experience to write about, some wisdom to share with others. So I didn't seriously consider becoming an author then. After my daughter was born, I had a year of maternity leave, and it was then that I really committed to trying my hand at writing.

How have you found the process for becoming an author?

Becoming an author has been harder than I expected. I imagined sitting down and writing the story would be the most difficult aspect, and developing characters and finding the story I wanted to tell has been a process. But I also underestimated the difficulties in getting others to read what I've written. And yet, the writing itself is so rewarding that I don't think now I could ever stop. I love it.

What would you say to those wanting to become an author?

You need to believe in yourself, because you can't convince others with your writing otherwise. And you need to love writing, because it requires a lot of time, patience, creativity, and determination. If this describes you, then go for it!

Tell us about your book/books:

As Red as a Munka Bean is a contemporary fantasy with two main characters: Liam, a deaf 15 year old, and his best and only friend Absalom, a short, overweight boy. One day, the two of them get teleported to another planet with Topher, the bully who was chasing them. They are just in time for the Interstellar Beauty Contest, and Absalom has been chosen as Earth's contestant. Only how can he convince everyone that his short, fat, brown body is beautiful when he doesn't really believe it himself?
Liam only has to announce Absalom and translate the other beings' sign language for him, but when he meets pretty Sadie right before the announcement, his mind goes blank and his hands can't find the right words.
And then there is Topher, who is sullen and mean, but knows how to be cool and confident, two traits which would help Absalom immensely in the contest...
This adventure story about the power of friendship and believing in yourself is ideal for young adults and tweens.

What do you love about the writing/reading community?

Everyone is so supportive! It's great how writers encourage each other and readers are open to trying out new stories by debut authors.

If you could say anything to your readers what would it be?

Thank you for reading my debut novel, and tell your friends about it! Also, I'd love to hear from you if you want to reach out.

Where can people connect with you?

My website is a great place to start: There's a form for contacting me, as well as a lot more information about me and my upcoming novels. Twitter is also a good method: @dethlefsenbooks. I'd love to hear from you!
I'm including a link to my book here:


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