Feed My Reads Awards 2022 - Our winners - Maximilian Sam

First up, how did it feel to find out your community was holding its first ever awards?

I was really excited. We’ve all seen how quickly Feed My Reads has grown and had a lot of fun completing the interviews. The awards felt like the final piece of the jigsaw to make it feel like a very real community.

How did it feel to find you were nominated?

In the most part I was stunned as I still don’t know who nominated me in most of the categories. It was strange though as I actually looked through other categories first to see if those I’d put forward had been nominated before I looked to see if I was in there. I think that’s why Feed My Reads is such a good community. We care about each other first and foremost.

How has it felt to find yourself named as a winner?

I was so happy I logged onto the live video. I’d had a nightmare with the book cover when the person designing it for me pulled out a month before publication. Thankfully a very good friend jumped in, took my concept, and created magic inside 48 hours. He refused to take any payment so I’m really looking forward to giving him the award. He earned it (I’ll keep a photocopy!). Winning best children’s book meant the world and that’s when emotion took over and something clearly got stuck in my eye as it began to water! The best was yet to come. I shared a community award with two wonderful people and that will always mean a huge amount as it’s voted for by people that have seen I try to help and clearly appreciate it.

In the words of Vinnie Jones at the end of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, “It’s been emotional”.

What would you like to say to those who voted for you?

Thank you. Voting isn’t just clicking a button. It took effort so it means even more. I know you wouldn’t have done it unless you believed in the book and in me. That’s a level of support we rarely receive. It means the world.

What does the Feed My Reads community mean to you?

Friendship and fun. I’ve made several friends over the past year through Feed My Reads and each of them has been a friendly, kind-hearted soul. With the support we give each other, we’ve all succeeded before we start.

Where can people connect with you and check out your award winning work?

www.maximiliansam.com, Twitter @maxsamauthor with the rest of my social media tags on my website.


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