Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 103

Another childrens book is our day 103 for Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 as we welcome along The Worst Class in the World in Danger! by Joanna Nadin.  This was a book that I went into having no real thoughts on what to expect but it was a pleasant surprise and one I could see children really enjoying.

A hilarious and exclusive World Book Day book featuring THE WORST CLASS IN THE WORLD - or are they? Perfect for fans of Horrid Henry.

Head teacher Mrs Bottomley-Blunt thinks 4B is the WORST CLASS IN THE WORLD. She says school is not about footling or fiddle-faddling or FUN. It is about LEARNING and it is high time 4B tried harder to EXCEL at it.

But best friends Stanley and Manjit won't let that stop them. They have a FOOLPROOF PLAN to write the most FUN and DANGEROUS book EVER.

It's LITERALLY going to be the most OUTSTANDING (and dangerous) World Book Day!

Contains superglue, wild animals and a very daring rescue!


Imagine being in a class at your school that has a reputation for being the worst class and that the reputation is very much deserved.  When your school has a visitor with a book out where they talk about their exciting, dangerous and adventurous life, it becomes a chance for your class to prove they are the best at something but can they really ever overcome that reputation they already hold for being the worst?

This book is very much aimed at younger readers (I would say around 7 years old) and is one that is likely to keep them entertained.  I went into this one knowing it was a World Book Day piece and my first experience of this author and so overall I found this to be something I can see people enjoying.  I did find it to be somewhat annoying to find repeating of information sometimes and this detracted a little from the overall read but I still think it is a really good one for younger readers out there.


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