Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 91

Dead Souls by Andrew S. French is our day 91 offering for our Feed My Reads recommended in 2022.  This short story collection delivers on fantastic content and is free on Amazon Kindle regularly so very much a great way to discover this amazing author.

The Dead Actress in the Painting

A forgotten pop star gets more than she bargained for when buying a painting of a tragic 1930s movie actress.

The Resurrection will not be Televised

The dead have returned. Not as zombies or vengeful spirits but people to be exploited for the secrets they might have brought back with them.

Dead Souls

Camilla Cromwell’s death was the best thing that ever happened to her. Agoraphobia had left her trapped inside her home for thirty years. But as a ghost, her illness had disappeared with her body. Now all she had to do was decipher how to get out of her house.

Lost In Music

A family funeral takes a man down a memory lane to meet a father he never wanted to see again.

The Last Rites of Oscar Wilde

Who could resist an invitation to see the only moving images of Oscar Wilde?

The Necromancer’s Diary

The ability to summon the dead – would that be a blessing or a curse?


A collection of supernatural tales that is well written, full of stories that really work well and overall delivers on the promise.  There are many short story books out there that are based around the supernatural but they often have a few weaker stories in there to pad things out, this is not the case for this work as Andrew has taken pride in his work and ensured he is delivering the very best for the reader.


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