Murdered on Halloween (Jane and Kennedy Daniels Mysteries Book 2) by Daisy Landish

Author: Daisy Landish

Title: Murdered on Halloween (Jane and Kennedy Daniels Mysteries Book 2)

Genre/Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Mysteries and Detective Stories, Adventure Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Small Town, Contemporary Fiction, U.S. Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Mysteries, Thriller & Suspense, Suspenseful Reads, Small Town Secrets, LGBT Fiction, LGBTQ Fiction, LGBTQ+ Fiction, LGBT Mystery, LGBTQ Mystery, LGBTQ+ Mystery, LGBT Suspense, LGBTQ Suspense, LGBTQ+ Suspense, LGBT Thriller, LGBTQ Thriller, LGBTQ+ Thriller, LGBT Mysteries and Detective Stories, LGBTQ Mysteries and Detective Stories, LGBTQ+ Mysteries and Detective Stories, Contemporary LGBT Fiction, Contemporary LGBTQ Fiction, Contemporary LGBTQ+ Fiction


A Jane and Kennedy Daniels Holiday Cozy Mystery

It’s Halloween night, and the Daniels have been invited to a costume ball at one of central London’s poshest hotels. Jane dresses up as the Shaggy to Kennedy’s Scooby Doo, and the couple head off into the night to the fancy dress event that awaits. 

The party is in full swing when Scooby Doo is fatally shot by a sniper bullet. Lucky for the Daniels, the victim was another Scooby Doo. But the lingering fear that the bullet might have been meant for Kennedy haunts Jane, and her angst is intensified when two days later, Kennedy escapes a killer with a knife in the London Underground. 

When Kennedy comes to the realization that she knows the attacker, she is bewildered. Devon Maldon, a fellow war veteran who suffers from intense PTSD, met Kennedy years ago in an online chat group. But why would he want to do away with his pen pal?




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