Ailsa: Tracking The King’s Raiders (The King’s Raiders, Book Five) by Peyton Lawson

Author: Peyton Lawson

Title: Ailsa: Tracking The King’s Raiders (The King’s Raiders, Book Five)

Genre/Genres: Historical Viking Romance, Spicy Romance, Historical Romance


Living near the Danish Viking settlement atop England’s blustering cliffs, Ailsa spends most of her time meandering through local Highlander villages to procure the provisions that she and her mother need to survive. Her striking beauty and kindness have always gone unnoticed. 

Until she meets Lief.

Leading a band of Vikings in search of the Jarl’s treasure, Leif has always put the needs of his people above his own. And when he has an unexpected run-in with Ailsa, the local thief, she steals his heart instantly. But he has a lot of questions, and obtains few answers. 

Meanwhile, during their quest, the King’s Raiders are vastly outnumbered by British troops intent on their demise, and stumble upon ancient castle ruins that hold more than haunted folklore and superstition.

Will Ailsa and Lief learn to treasure each other as much as their own searches for truth and gold?




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