Maximilian Sam interview 2


First of all welcome back for another interview with Feed My Reads as our community really do appreciate you taking the time to do this.

So, our first question is who is your writing hero?

Emily Bronte. I fell in love with Wuthering Heights the first time I read it. It’s such a badly misunderstood book. Thinking about it, I was kicked out of my English Literature A-level class for claiming the teacher didn’t understand the book!

If you could choose one book by someone else that you wish you had written then which would it be and why?

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It’s the perfect ghost story/feel-good book ever written and it’s less than 100 pages. There’d also have been the added incentive of getting to work with The Muppets on the film version!

Who have been your biggest supporters during your writing career to date and what would you like to say to them?

My family and friends. It’s been an amazing experience reconnecting with old friends. It’s been strange to see how excited everyone gets when they know you have a book coming out. Everyone wants to help and that’s a huge advantage we have. To all of them I’d simply say I couldn’t have done it without you. The amount of online chats, phone calls and tantrums they’ve had to put with would have tried the patience of much better people than me. They’ve all supported my dream and it’s come true!

We all know how important reviews are to authors so if you could speak directly to them what would you say about reviewing books they read?

Most importantly please review every book by every author you can. Reviews make a huge difference to where a book is positioned in bookshops and online. The more (and better) reviews, the more other people get to see the book and share your enjoyment.

Also have a think before giving a bad review. Was it because you didn’t like the story? If so then that’s cool as there’s plenty I haven’t liked in my life. Those are the ones I don’t leave a review for because it would be unfair of me to judge a book because I don’t enjoy the genre or storyline. If you don’t like the book because it’s badly written then by all means make that known. Just remember someone has put a lot of time and effort in and will appreciate constructive reviews rather than just saying “it’s badly written” even if they aren’t getting 5 stars.

There’s also plenty of places where you can show your support by following an author on online shops or even their own website and blogs. All of it comes together to help an author bring you more books you might enjoy.

Where can people connect with you?

Links to connect with Maximilian Sam: on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram on Goodreads


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