Jacqueline P. Walker interview


A little introduction:

My name is Jacqueline P. Walker, and I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I migrated to Washington DC  before becoming a teenager and currently live in Maryland, USA. I am a self-published author and inspirational blogger who has always enjoyed reading.

When did your love of books begin?

I have always enjoyed reading. I remember as a child being excited to go to the "bookmobile" (before we had access to libraries) to pick out books.

When did you start to have the wish to become an author?

I can't say that I had a wish to become an author. But as I wrote poems and stories, friends and family encouraged me to share them. When I recognized that they encouraged or uplifted others, I decided to publish.

How have you found the process for becoming an author?

It is exciting but challenging.  As I write, I wonder if the readers will enjoy it or get the message/theme that I desperately want to get across. Then there is the business of marketing my work which is intense but worth it to share my work.

What would you say to those wanting to become an author?

My advice is to stick to your truth and write the story within your heart and spirit.  Every writer should acknowledge beforehand that not everyone will like your piece. Please keep open to accepting constructive criticism, but in the end, please write what is in your heart and spirit.

Tell us about your book/books:

A Season of Disruption is my most current work.  This book is a fictional memoir (although I changed the names, I detailed the actual events that occurred). This work chronicles my mother's separation from her children due to an unexpected tragedy and details the parallel journeys of mother and children as they work to survive, strive, and even thrive. A Season of Disruption celebrates my Jamaican heritage and my family's immigration journey. It also pays homage to generations of Caribbean mothers whose acts of courage and determination saved their families and created opportunities to succeed for the generations that followed.
Mothers, Sisters, Friends is a chapbook featuring poems that pay tribute to women and celebrate the bond of sisterhood.
Lyrics of My Reality (Reflections & Inspirations) is a book of personal essays and poems focused on hope, love, and various life experiences.

What do you love about the writing/reading community?

I enjoy experiencing the creativity of fellow authors. I am often astounded by the diversity and beauty of different writing styles. I also appreciate the support from other writers, including editorial and marketing tips and words of encouragement. 

If you could say anything to your readers what would it be?

I appreciate readers for investing their resources in my work and taking the time to read my books and share my message with others. Our readers are our support system, and I am thankful for everyone who chose to read my titles.

Where can people connect with you?

I am on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as @JWalkerPat1

I am also on Goodreads as Jacqueline P. Walker


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