You & I Erotic Tales - A Taken Tale by E.A. Barker

Author: E.A. Barker

Title: You & I Erotic Tales - A Taken Tale

Genre/Genres: Erotica, Erotic Romance


You & I is written from a first person point of view which graphically details explicit sexual encounters where the protagonist is speaking directly to his lover-you-the reader-in the present moment. If you dare to read this book you will be the main character, and you will be a very naughty girl.

A Taken Tale explores a fantasy common to many women . . . a lustful alpha male who does what he wants with women who express their interest in living out a fantasy. It is a "Be careful what you wish for. . . ." cautionary story which goes well beyond what you had in mind. Have you ever wished someone would just take you?



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