Main Character Interview with Duane Simolke and The Acorn Stories

Please tell us about the book and the character who is being interviewed.

The Acorn Stories reveals overlapping narratives of various people in a fictional town. Many of the characters appear in just one tale, but we encounter Becky Blake a few times. We learn the most about her in the story “Come With Me,” which shares a name with one of her paintings.

Becky recently moved from Louisiana to the small town of Acorn, Texas, after meeting the handsome and charming Kyle. Unfortunately, her big sister Regina sees that change and subsequent marriage as part of the behavior of an impulsive child struggling with Attention Deficit Disorder. Never mind that Becky is now an adult.

How did it feel to be given a leading role in this book?

I’m glad to be an important part of Duane Simolke’s story cycle, where I express myself as a woman and an artist.

Obviously to us this was a tale but for you it was something you actually went through, how did you find the journey we read about?

My husband Kyle recognized my creativity and worth. I met the right guy and moved to the right town, but my problems weren’t over. I had to accept myself: all my quirks, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and creativity.

If you could do the journey over again would you have done anything differently?

I feel like I didn’t always say the right things when my husband lost his job or when he needed to know any problems I was facing. As always, I should have stood up to my overbearing sister sooner; she means well, but she goes too far sometimes.

A lot of people would love to know what's next for you?

More paintings, more time spent at Acorn’s art gallery, and maybe a family vacation. Oh, and more Pad Thai from Chuck’s China Town.

If you could say anything to the people who read about you in this book what would it be?

Thanks for respecting people in small towns. We aren’t dumb or out of touch. We have a lot to offer and see the value in the little things of life. Some of us are creative and maybe kind of odd, but let us be ourselves.

How was it working with the author of your book?

I love how he gives voice to people who might feel ignored or silenced. As my friend Aragon Carsons said, “The more I think about it, the more sure I am that my neighbors want someone to tell their Acorn stories, that they don’t want to be just a small part of a small town in a big state in a big country.”

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