What Are Words Worth? by Pete May

Author: Pete May

Title: What Are Words Worth?

Genre/Genres: Memoir


"Honest and funny" — David Nicholls.“Deeply resonant and very funny” — Tim Moore.“It made me properly laugh out loud… a cracking read, original and funny” — Rosie Millard.Writing is not the glamorous or rich occupation some assume. What Are Words Worth? is Pete May’s wry, humorous look at the life of a jobbing writer. Pete’s house has subsidence and there’s cacophonous drilling from the building work next door. Sacks of wood keep arriving on the doorstep, a rat has appeared in the loo and a feral fox is depositing takeaway containers and colostomy bags in the garden.Agents don’t return emails and commissioning editors reject his ideas, while his wife is standing on a wobble cushion doing pretend paddle boarding with a broom. Meanwhile Pete’s lecturing a beggar on how the print industry is dying and a life coach is telling him to stand in a park and let go of his fear of not having a big idea. But he has earned £1.73 from a book sale on Kindle and two pence in AdSense revenue today. This is Pete May’s honest and funny take on the non-genteel poverty of the literary world.




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