Ritu Anand interview 2


First of all welcome back for another interview with Feed My Reads as our community really do appreciate you taking the time to do this.

So, our first question is who is your writing hero?

There are so many authors that inspire me, and my writing. Jane Yolen’s work strengthens me. Each time I read I Am The Storm, I feel secure. Her perfect choice of words tugs me.

Meera Sriram’s writing evokes nostalgia. Between Two Worlds reminds me of sweet memories I amassed, while growing up in India.

Supriya Kelkar’s The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh helps me feel brave when I need a boost.

As I enter the literary world with Kara’s Dreams, my debut picture book, I know I will continue to be enchanted with wonderful books. Excellent writing is, and will always be my hero. 

Which book or books would you say influenced you the most on your writing journey?

Books are my best friends and I could never have enough of them. Each one of them shares a story I want to consume, and make a part of my life. I draw lessons from them.

I am an evolving human. Even as I write this paragraph, I declare I am different this second, in comparison to the previous one. Metamorphoses of Ovid shows me how transformations happen in humans and animals. The Essential Rumi Translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne helps me discover myself.

Recently, I started writing short stories as a Writer, at Coffee House Writers. Three of my short stories are published with them. a) Narrow Alleys And Wide Roads b) An Open Invitation To All Who Enjoy Cooking An Indian Dish and c) An Appeal For Love.

If you could choose one book by someone else that you wish you had written then which would it be and why?

As an evolving human, my heart and mind wish to write a Middle Grade novel. Two days ago, I started reading Kathi Appelt’s The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp. Before picking up this book, I had a desire to expand on my short story titled An Appeal For Love. The story is about a raccoon at my golf club in Sarasota, Florida. As I continue reading Kathi Appelt’s book, I struggle with containing my energy to start developing my main character Russo’s life. 

Who have been your biggest supporters during your writing career to date and what would you like to say to them?

My husband has been my biggest supporter to date. I would like to say, “Thankyou my dear. I am grateful to have you in my life.”

I am also thankful to Meera Sriram, award-winning author of A Gift For Amma, Yellow Suitcase, Dumpling Day and others, for critiquing my work and bringing out the best in me. Her words of encouragement are pillars on which I stand.

My beta readers and critique partners know who they are. I could not, and do not want to, do without them. 

We all know how important reviews are to authors so if you could speak directly to them what would you say about reviewing books they read?

“Dear Reviewers,

Thank you for devoting your time and attention to reading works of fiction and non-fiction. As you bring your world to bear on your reviews, I wish you curiosity about the writer’s universe.” 


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