Your Feed My Reads Blog hits another milestone

Hi everyone and I hope you are all doing well.

As this is your Feed My Reads community and your blog I wanted to give you an update on us having hit another major milestone, today your blog hit 30,000 views total since launching at the beginning of October.

What have we delivered to the blog to get to this number?

So far we have delivered 372 author interviews, 27 blogger interviews, 138 book reviews, 5 short stories, 10 authors interviewing authors, many authors and their book listings, dinner parties, holidays and so much more.

This blog is something that we are always working hard to improve and expand and I personally want to take time out to thank all who have featured on the blog so far plus those who are reading our blog and sharing the word about it too.  We are a community of book lovers and each individually may not feel we can achieve much but the fact we are as a community being noticed and getting these kind of numbers is thanks to the fact we are getting known as a great community to be a part of and that is in no small part thanks to each and every member of this amazing book community.

We are still early in 2022 but this is proof that we are moving in the right direction and that you are part of something which will continue to grow if we continue to have great people and content like we have build our reputation on.


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