Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 28

Time for another of our Feed My Reads recommended reads of 2022 that the Feed My Reads community has recommended, here is Walking On Thin Ice by Robert Burns, as recommended by Caroline Rebisz.

Junior reporter Rachel Drucker, desperate to break a big story, is drawn to the disappearance of five-year-old Julia Brown 20 years earlier. No arrests were ever made, a body was never found, and no new leads have surfaced in over a decade. The trail had gone cold.

Not only does the case remain unsolved, but Rachel’s father and the lead investigator in the case, Detective Ted Drucker, died full of remorse unable to find Julia. The case became more than just a job to him; it was an obsession that directly led to his death.

Rachel becomes haunted by the possibilities of what could have happened to Julia. At the same time, her father has started to appear in her dreams. She has so many questions surrounding why this case remains unsolved. With the help of Ted’s detailed case file and expertise, can she find justice for Julia Brown? Or is she also doomed to let this obsession get the best of her and meet the same fate as her father?


An excellent debut novel. Rachel Drucker is a journalist stuck in a dead end job who is determined to progress in her career. She gets hooked into a cold case of a missing young girl, a case which her father had been investigating. She has the help of her father to investigate the case. The only trouble is her father died some years before.

I loved the characters in this book and really enjoyed the movement between Awake and Asleep. The narrative was really strong and the pace of the story was exciting and gripping. 

I would recommend to lovers of a good crime mystery and I look forward to the next book. 


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