Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 25

Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 day 25 and one that is different from my normal reads but I genuinely loved it and so I am pleased to recommend Tales from the Greenhills by Terry Melia.

During the sizzling hot summer of 1976 in Liverpool, teenager Tommy Dwyer is rapidly approaching adulthood and dealing with the usual coming of age issues: temptation, gang violence, murder and helping to prevent the flooding of the streets with illegal drugs


The UK in the 70's was a dark place where there were job losses beginning to happen more frequently, dogs ran the streets freely, children did whatever they liked and society was heading for another change in how things worked, this is the setting for this amazing book which is based around the streets of Liverpool and truly captures the darkness and desperation of the time in the area it is set within.

This story is all about surviving the streets as a teen moving into manhood and is really unique in that it doesn't just have one single event which it is based around nor is it like a fantasy read which has an adventure, this book feels gritty and real which makes it stand out from other reads that try to pretty things up and make it a nicer read.

The book is a great read and one that I am already recommending to people thanks to that true darkness and realism that this book provides.


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