Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 - day 24

Inherit by Cole Poindexter is our Feed My Reads recommended in 2022 for day 24 as this book shows an author debut of the highest standard.

Struggling artist Parker Derrick faces the death of her mother - and the emergence of villainous family members when she's named the sole heir to her aunt's North Arkansas estate. Surrounded by new friends and enemies, Parker must decipher who is really on her side...to help uncover a deadly secret.


When a family member who you never knew passes away and leaves a mansion house and a fortune to you it is going to always cause bad feeling in the family but how far would you go to keep what you have been given to inherit?

This book is a really well written piece and flows beautifully.  There is a somewhat unusual feel as the home is very much giving a feeling of older grandeur and you feel like the book is set from a number of years ago until you read about a mobile phone being used.  For me this gives the book a feeling of charm and warmth which works well and helps when you get to parts which are unsettling.

This is a debut novel for Cole and I can see that he has a skill in weaving the tale and that he could cross genres easily and so I am excited for more to come.


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