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Hi, I'm Heather (She/Her), avid reader, queer ally/parent, Canadian and book addict.

For the past two years I've found that the book boyfriends I'm drawn to have boyfriends of their own. I have found a wonderful community of authors and readers who share my love of the genre and have embraced it wholeheartedly.

What made you start blogging?

I blogged for a long time when I was a stay-at-home parent. As things began normalizing after the pandemic I had more time since I wasn't helping to school my kids as much, so I returned to blogging. It didn't hurt that Amazon kept holding reviews hostage for indeterminate amounts of time.
I started the blog in June of 2021 to post my own reviews and quickly decided to try to find a partner who read different sub-genres than me, to help cover more of the spectrum of M/M Romance. Since then we've grown to a team of more than 20 reviewers and 3 admins and we're working on becoming a strong promotional voice for the genre we love!

What genres do you blog about?

M/M Romance - all of our stories have to have a happy ending... but within that we blog about every kind of relationship where men love men, from sweet to taboo, including polyamory, kink, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, historical and we also encompass characters who are bi, asexual, aromantic, pan, trans, non-binary and more...

What are your favourite books?

I can't choose between my babies... I've read over 750 books already this year...

What are your 3 top reads from the last year?

This is once again a monumental task - so I'll give you my top 3 from the last few months...

All Dolled Up by Chara Croft - Daddy kink romance with an unusal kink twist (Everything Chara Croft writes is delicious, but this one was sweet and unusual)

Dearest Milton James by N..R. Walker - Two seperate but sweet love stories in one - all based around the dead letter office. Love letters written years ago bring together a new employee and his boss and showcase a decades old forbidden love...

I've read a lot of new authors first books and I want to showcase two of them as tied for top 3 - Beautifully Built by TH Compton is an amazing story featuring a plus size boy with insecurity that is incredibly well written and So Worth More by Jax Stuart is a second-chance romance after ending a with-benefits relationship.

Which part of having the blog do you love the most?

I love interacting with authors, pa's and readers... and of course reading - all the reading...

Where did the blog name come from?

I wanted simple, straightforward and telling... I hope I conveyed what the blog is all about...

What do you love most about books?

I love that each one takes you somewhere different, and with M/M romance and erotica, I get to see so many more perspectives of the world.


  1. Thank you for having me! I enjoyed being on this side of the interview hot seat!


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